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Dark_Fest Stuff!

EDIT: Apparently it's midnight where the mods are, because prompt claiming has now closed. I hope you'll still go over and have a look. Also, they do allow prompts to be used even if not part of the official Fest. Details are in the Prompt Claiming post. So if anything strikes your fancy, you'll still be able to write! :)

Hey, darlin's! After all the sweet and romantic goodness of the winter holidays and Valentine's Day, I'm eager to sink my fangs, er, teeth into some darkness! I'm nearly finished with my first prompt for dark_fest and just claimed my second today. Prompt claiming has been extended until midnight tonight, so if you thought it passed you by or you've been waffling, go on over and take a look! Plenty of prompts in plenty of fandoms!

I submitted several DCU prompts and some of the most diabolical have been taken, whoo hoo! ;) I submitted all kinds: loads of DCU, Fairytales (Grimm has nothing on me! ;) ), and other fandoms. The Lost In Space prompt is one of mine. ;) About a dozen that I submitted have been claimed, so that means I have a good shot at seeing some of them filled. :)

You can grab a maximum of two prompts and if you see one that's been snagged, you can still claim it. All prompts can be claimed by more than one person.

Remember, dark_fest doesn't have to be buckets of gore. Subtle psychological darkness also welcome! :)

I've done some of my best work for this Fest. If you'd like to see my past contributions, here you go:


DC Comics

Preening Peacock (Bruce/Dick)

Public Enemies

Sins Of The Heart (Mel/Johnny)


DC Comics

Diamond Roses (Bruce/Dick)

Have fun reading the prompts and stories! :)
Tags: batman/robin, bruce wayne/dick grayson, challenge, dark_fest, dc comics, diamond roses, fest, melvin purvis/johnny dillinger, pimp, preening peacock, public enemies, rec, sins of the heart
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