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Ficcish Update

I realized that I hadn’t done a ficcish update in quite a while. Mostly due to nothing much going on, but there is some stuff to talk about. :)

I’m close to the end of posting Arc 8 of Rainbow’s Freedom and hope to start posting Arc 9 pretty soon after that. I’d guess that 2012 will see Arc 9 chapters scattered throughout the year. Then that’s all she wrote, folks! ;)

I have stuff in my notebooks from 2010 and 2011 that I could work on (even one from 2009, I think). The Valentine’s Day holiday is inspiring me, and I’ve got quite a few stories done for the 12_stories Mel/Johnny claim. I’ve posted 3, have 6 either written or in the process, and 3 to still be written. I claimed a prompt over at dark_fest and have begun work on that.

The Steve/Diana story that fills my last prompt for the dcu_freeforall claims table is finished but needs a lot of work, so it’ll be awhile before I post that. I ended up with 8 chapters so it’ll be a good, long read for Steve/Diana fans. :)

I am still in a writing funk. Having only a handful of projects to work on isn’t much for me. I’m also kind of listless. Real life crap, mostly. Bleah.
Tags: 12_stories, challenge, fanfic, fest, holiday, rainbow prisms arc, rainbow's freedom, steve trevor/diana prince, steve trevor/wonder woman, valentine's day, writing
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