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Hi, luvs! I haven't been on as much lately (bizzy and technical issues) but luckily my flist has been pretty quiet, I see. Everyone in the doldrums, eh? ;)

Yesterday Tom and the boys got a grand send-off at Gillette Stadium with 25,000 people filling the place and hanging out where the buses were to see the team. There were quick speeches and everyone was in suits (though Brandon Spikes wore a pink suit, heh heh) because this is a business trip for the Patriots, though they'll have fun.

For a few guys, including Tom, this is the fifth go-round and for others it's a lot less, even their first time ever. Shaun Ellis was a long-time Jet and now is with us and is going to the Super Bowl! I'm pretty sure the Jets haven't been back since 1969 and the famous Joe Namath Prediction Win. ;)

Brian Waters was with Kansas City until this year and is going for the first time, too. He never even won a playoff game before this year and he played for the Chiefs for a long time.

The day was cold and clear and the fans were pumped. Gronk wasn't seen at the rally, keeping speculation about his ankle up there, but he was seen at the airport and in Indy and is wearing a walking boot. Hopefully he can make a contribution next Sunday. High ankle sprains are a pain to heal.

People here are wearing their gear and businesses are hanging out signs praising the Patriots. Everyone is talking about them and does bring everyone together regardless of class, occupation, etc.

Go, Pats! ;)
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