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Patriots 27, Giants 20 (2-2) (Preseason)

New England Patriots 27, New York Giants, 20 (2-2) (Preseason)

Well, so ends the preseason. None of the starters played, but that's not unusual for the fourth preseason game. However, usually since it's second, third, and fourth-stringers playing (guys on that bubble!), it was unusual to see a pretty entertaining game. Lots of guys were trying hard to make the roster or practice squad. Also, other teams were watching last night, as the Patriots do for other teams, to see who will get cut. Patriots' cast-offs are considered a sound bet to make other teams.

The crowd was enthusiastic, and it was good to see back-up QB Matt Cassel do well, and fun to see Vinny Testaverde take some snaps, and undrafted rookie Matt Guiterrez did well, too. Matt will probably be Tom's back-up, Vinny the third QB, and if they keep Matt G.,. he'll probably be on the practice squad.

Oscar Lua, a rookie LB, got hurt last night and may have damaged his chances to make the team. :(

All in all, though, the game didn't see any major injuries and it took the first-team Giants' offense several tries at the goal line to score against the second-team Patriots' defense! So that was fun to watch.

I'm going to bet that Bam Childress (always think of him as Bam-Bam, LOL!) will make the team/practice squad. He's like a younger Troy Brown in some ways.

Next Thursday, September 6th, the NFL kicks off the season, and the Patriots play on the following Sunday, September 9th, at the Meadowlands against the New York Jets, a division rival. It's a full slate of games, as bye weeks don't start until Week 3.

So here we go! The season is less than a week away! Yes! :)
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