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Stop SOPA!!!

I assume many of you have heard about the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) that would pretty much kill fandom and other creative endeavors online if passed, but if you haven't, there are heavy hitters backing this insidious bill: the TV networks, Hollywood studios, music companies, etc. Find out more about it and how Congress is trying to get this passed quickly before people are aware of just what's going on. LJ, DW and A03 would all be affected, just to name a few sites. User content would be censored as such sites would be forced to do the dirty work for the corporations.

I signed a petition sent to Congress from, which can give you more links and explanations. Also, nrrrdy_grrrl has quite a few entries on the subject, complete with links.

In a semi-related note, Dreamwidth is suspending invite codes for the time being, so if you've been thinking about getting a DW account for your personal journals and comms, now's the time before they re-institute invite codes! Community importing just started last week and all of my communities have been successfully imported.

Boost the signal!
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