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Week 17: New England Patriots 49, Buffalo Bills 21 (13-3) (Sunday, January 1, 2012)

Week 17: New England Patriots 49, Buffalo Bills 21 (13-3) (Sunday, January 1, 2012)

It was a wild one, folks! The Patriots were once more awful in the first quarter, the defense giving up 21 points to Buffalo and the offense going three-and-out like clockwork. Well, then they turned it on in the second quarter and rolled with 49 points through the next three quarters. The defense came up with some big stops and interceptions, scoring a TD off one.

Tommy ended up second to Drew Brees for yardage thrown in history but I’m sure he’ll be happy to hoist the Lombardi if he can instead of winning that stat. ;) His sore shoulder didn’t hinder him too much (he was inaccurate on some passes) but he’ll be ready for the playoffs. He ended up with 39 touchdowns and 12 interceptions for the season.

Gronk broke the record for most receiving yards by a tight end in a single season and Aaron Hernandez was incredible today. Wes Welker was amazing, the Law Firm was great, and Danny Woodhead had some good plays. So did Steven Ridley.

And, I'm sick and tired of hearing that Tommy is just a 'pretty boy' and not tough. Well, he IS a pretty boy but he's also tough! He's taken shots that would level some guys and has played in his career with a separated shoulder (twice), sports hernia, broken ribs, damaged elbow, and more. All football players have to play hurt though some guys can stick it out better than others. Tommy has proven he's no wilting flower.

The Jets lost today so they’re out of the playoffs, ha, ha. Hate the Jets! All New England fans hate New York teams and vice versa, but the Jets are particularly loathsome. ;) Our HC agrees. He was HC of the NYJ for like a half-day and got out of town fast. ;)

So, the Patriots win the first seed in the AFC and have a bye week. They finished at 13-3 and the Jets finish at 8-8. The Bills lost to the Pats today and finish at 6-10 and the Dolphins beat the Jets (Yay!) and end at 6-10.

Next week: Wild Card Weekend! The Patriots return the next week after that for a Divisional Playoff Round game in Foxboro. ;)

More football with playoff implications today! The late games will determine who gets in and who goes home. Sunday Night Football will see if the Giants or Cowboys get into the playoffs. Winner takes all!

Saint Tebow is going against the Chiefs with Kyle Orton at QB, who was released in favor of Tebow. Can you say revenge? ;)
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