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Darwyn Cooke (New Frontier) Is Pure LUV!!!


I finally purchased Darwyn Cooke's New Frontier! It's AWESOME! And I say this already having seen several scans on-line. It's the Absolute Edition!

Practical note before I gush, heh heh: I wouldn't purchase this at the full price, but if you can wrangle a discount, DO IT! I managed enough of a discount so that it didn't cost me all that much more than the two volumes in paperback. Thank the Goddess for local bookstores trying to compete with the mega-chains and discounting stuff left and right.

I'd recommend the special edition of this book if you can swing a discount, as it's pure gorgeousness as you've seen by scans here on the Internet, but there's something about holding a bound book in your hands with glossy pages of full color. The story is excellent and the art fantastic. The 'look' of the '40s, '50s and early '60s is pure postwar America.

I've read about one-quarter of the book and am smiling happily. To see Barry in action again! To see Bruce, Ollie and Hal out on the town with Lois, Selina, and Dinah! :) To see Diana in full Wonder Woman regalia, and Clark as a beacon of light (and learning about the dark side of Government service). Hal in Korea, J'onn, Wildcat, so many wonderful characters!

If you've seen the scans of Batman, Superman, and Robin together, it's sheer awesomeness further on in the book.

Well, if you can only treat yourself to one special item this year for yourself alone, I'd recommend this book. It's the first time I've bought a comic in years, and this was worth it!

The scans have been beautiful on-line, but this book, as we've all gushed about after seeing those scans, is a special item for DC fans. If you were wavering about getting the book after seeing the scans already, it's something that is really cool. Your choice, but I think you'd find it worth it! Everyone's aware of Darwyn Cooke's awesomeness, but maybe hearing someone with the Absolute Edition in her hands might put you over the top! ;)
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