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Challenges Past & Present

Hi, luvs! After New Year’s I’ll be posting my annual Fic Tally: number of stories, word count, what pairings I wrote most or least, etc. I’ll also be ruminating on my writing goals for the past year and looking forward. First, though, a few thoughts on the Challenges I host:

As always, I like to host Valentine and Halloween Challenges every year for the DCU, and Halloween for PE. And as always the Halloween Challenges were the biggest successes! So they definitely stay, and I’m thinking of hosting a Valentine’s Challenge this year for PE as well as the DCU. Since my two partners-in-crime seem to have their PE Muses in gear and I do as well, that’ll mean a possibility of some contributors! :)

This year I hosted Halloween and Winter Holidays for PE and Valentine, Dick Grayson, Halloween and Winter Holidays for the DCU. All seemed to do well, though a few were lower in participation than I would have liked.

There were two Diana-oriented Challenges, the Steve/Diana Challenge and the year-long 2011 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art 70th Anniversary Celebration Challenge.

Ironically, the first one seemed to generate more interest than the latter. I don’t expect to host any Challenges for wonderwomanlove this upcoming year. The interest level just isn’t there.

As for the PE ‘verse, there might be Valentine’s goodness and there definitely will be Halloween, as it seems to inspire people the most. Possibly Winter Holidays again.

For the DCU, Valentine’s Day will be unveiled soon, and Halloween is on the schedule, of course. ;) Possibly Winter Holidays. As for spring, I may do something Dick Grayson-oriented again this year or try something different. Summer may see a new Challenge with a theme I haven’t done before.

I like the seasonal/holiday themes, and the single character and pairing themes seemed to work pretty well. Other themes in the past have included St. Patrick’s Day, Spring Rain, Earth Day, and Summer (By-The-Sea, Vacation and Heat). I always keep my eye on how successful the themes are and retire those that struggle or I simply want to try something new. I might bring them out again in the future but there are other themes I'd like to try.

Dick’s two major themes were Wee!Dick and a general ‘Everything Goes’ with him: child, teen, adult, slash, het and gen.

So I intend to host at least two Challenges for the DCU and one for PE. I’m sure there will be more as the year goes along. ;)

Thanks to all who participate in these Challenges! I wouldn’t host them if people didn’t enjoy them, so I’m tickled pink that people have fun! And many thanks to all who have made banners for each Challenge, especially ctbn60 who has done yeoman’s work the last few years.
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