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Dreamwidth Info

Hi, luvs! I'm going to start spending more time over on Dreamwidth learning how to use it and am going through my notifications in a secondary e-mail account. I had that because DW was just a back-up, but now it's going to be more active. So, if you friended me over there and never heard from me, I'll be going through the notifications slowly and you'll see me friending you back! Or subscribing, eh? ;)

Next week I'm going to work on setting up my three comms over there. Sadly, there is no way to import the comms from LJ to DW, at least not at this time. I will keep the comms here on LJ open and encourage everyone to continue posting to them as for now LJ is my primary home. Once I have everything set up I'll make the announcement here and you can join the comms if you wish and be ready in case LJ goes under. Considering their lousy new release and their continued refusal to listen to their users, that probably won't be too far in the future.

I am BradyGirl_12 over on DW, too. Why change a good thing? ;)

Accounts don't require an invitation code over on DW until the end of December! I would encourage you to grab one now!

I'm not sure if I'll be on much the next two days. Happy Holidays, everyone!
Tags: dreamwidth, lj
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