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Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows

I saw Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows two nights ago and enjoyed it muchly!

Major spoilers, guys! I’m not kidding! Don’t read if you don’t want to find out major plot points and other stuff.

I enjoyed the movie. Any time I’m sitting in a theatre and not thinking about my watch is a good thing! I will start with what I perceived as drawbacks and then go on to the good stuff! ;)

First, a little too much ‘action’ for me. Too much noise and violence! I felt at times like I was sitting in the middle of a 19th-century version of a Vin Diesel or Bruce Willis movie or something. *rolls eyes* I thought there was a way better balance in the first film between character moments and action. There was more blood and gore in this one, too. Not a huge fan of either but there was some nice hurt/comfort so I’ll let them pass.

The story had a good plot. And I SO squeed when Reichenbach Falls was mentioned! I liked the political maneuverings of Europe in the last decade of the 19th-century (the story takes place in 1891) and foreshadowing what we know is coming in 1914.

The use of the enormous cannons that nearly tore apart the woods as Holmes, Watson, and the Gypsies fled was a good harbinger of what World War I would be like.

I ADORED Mycroft! ;)

I was sad to see Irene killed off. Well, I can ignore that part if I want. Fanficcers can do anything! ;)

I liked the use of Gypsies in this story. I couldn’t help but think of Dick Grayson during those scenes. :)

The opera scene was very well-done as it ratcheted up the tension of the impending assassination.

All this derring-do reminded me a lot of a Wild Wild West episode. ;)


From Holmes obviously upset over Watson getting married to holding Watson’s hand as he helps him out of the carriage in his hungover state to get to his wedding to them DANCING TOGETHER was amazing! As was Holmes saying to Watson, “Lie down with me, Watson.” ;) Sure, he covered it by getting Watson out of the way of the attack but we know what he REALLY wanted. ;)

The look that passed between them when Watson finds Holmes in the tower rubble and completely losing it when he Holmes stops breathing in the boxcar. Holmes tensing imperceptibly when Moriarity threatens Watson and the look that passes between them just before Holmes sweeps him and Moriarity over the Falls.

Watson’s devastation when he thinks Holmes is dead and his joy when he receives the package. And, oh, I can I forget Watson’s, “Oh, how I’ve missed you, Holmes?” at the beginning of the film? ;)

The chemistry is just as good in this sequel as it was in the first film. Even Watson’s wife Mary recognizes it (as she did the first time around). I could definitely see a threesome here! ;)

I enjoyed this film but liked the first one better. Probably because of the reasons listed above at the beginning of this review, but then, I’m one of the few who actually liked Batman Begins better than The Dark Knight. It didn’t mean that I disliked the second film or this one, either, I just prefer the first ones.

And I have two story ideas! *dances* So this second film has LOTS of good stuff! I would recommend it if you liked the first film and even if you didn’t! ;)
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