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Importing Comms

Hi, luvs! I heard that DW is working on their ability to import comms! That would be FANTASTIC! I never set up a mirror site for any of my comms because it's enough just posting stuff over here never mind doing it there as well. I don't like cross-posting from DW to here because my links are all LJ-related and I prefer to keep them that way, though happily I'm importing all of my personal journal stuff over there and gaining those links. I always wanted to import the comments from my comms instead of losing them, so I am SO THERE! I hope setting up a comm is allowed for free users. *frets*

If you see them make such an announcement, let me know! I might miss it as I really don't have time to check the messages over there. I'll try but if I miss it, I'd love a heads-up!

For any newbies to this journal, these are my comms:




So, my recommendation to all you LJ users is, back-up your personal journals on DW and archive to a place like A03! LJ seems determined to drive this site into the ground, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Russians who bought this site are trying to shut it down because it'll wreak havoc with the blogosphere over there, the reason we keep suffering DDOS attacks. Nothing much surprises me anymore, frankly.
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