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LJ Sucks!!!

So THAT'S the plan! LJ wants to silence us! I can no longer use certain communities now with my slow dial-up. All I get is grayed-out areas where it says 'Add a comment' so can no longer reply or create new messages. The icons are INCREDIBLY frustrating to use with no alphabetical list or drop-down menu. All I see on a page like over at vintage_ads is a few messages and then a bunch of blank icons and no messages down the entire page. I guess I'll view the ads over their but won't bother to read the messages anymore. *shrugs*

I think TPTB want this service to go belly up with all these designs that make the site frustrating to use. They truly DON'T care about their user base at all since they hear the complaints AND DO NOTHING!!!

So, happily I am backed-up over at Dreamwidth and they are offering free sign-ups for the rest of December.

LJ, congrats! You're driving one of the last loyal users out. No more sense of community for me. Thank goodness personal journals seem to be okay, or at least most of them!
Tags: dreamwidth, icons, lj, ranty mcrant
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