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All The Pretties!

Hi, luvs! I've got all my banners uploaded now except for the banner for the 2011 Clexmas Bingo Card. I haven't received it yet. Otherwise everything's there. I know that I said last year that I was going to archive the previous years and leave up the latest year while gathering new banners, but I didn't get around to it and decided to just enjoy the pretties and do the archiving after New Year's. Like my A03 uploading, I'm finally going to do this task! I've decided that I'll leave one banner up with the link to the archive entry for that year underneath, and maybe even rotate the sample banners. I'll leave 2011 up while I slowly gather 2012 banners to add.

So, if you'd like to see all the pretties in one place, check out my Profile Page. Most of the banners are from my Challenges but quite a few are not. Enjoy! :)
Tags: archive, archive of our own, banners, bradygirl_12 banners project, lj
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