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Fic: Rainbow’s Freedom (Rainbow Prisms Arc) (27/42)

Title: Rainbow’s Freedom (Rainbow Prisms Arc) (27/42)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Kara Zor-El, Han/Luke, Chewbacca, Laron, Jara
Series Notes: In the 23rd century, Earth is a technologically-advanced society that practices the ancient institution of slavery. Clark finally learns about his identity and heritage. Will that knowledge tear him and Bruce apart? Meanwhile, Rebellion and Abolition twist and turn in the pageantry of events.
The entire series can be found here.
Genres: AU, Challenge, Drama, Slavefic
Rating: (this chapter): PG-13
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Kara needs the services of Han Solo to smuggle her weapons for the Rebellion.
Date Of Completion (First Draft): December 28, 2010
Date Of Posting: December 17, 2011
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 2203
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Note: The magnificent story cover is by the wonderfully-talented ctbn60. Thanks so much, luv! :)

"In the world of smuggling, there is honor.
It’s just that some of the smugglers haven’t gotten the memo."

Adlee Starchaser
Infamous Corellian Smuggler
2241 C.E.



“So, you think you got enough arms for your little dust-up?”

Kara scowled at the pilot lounging on the rec room couch. He was taking a break, his Wookiee First Mate taking full control in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon.

“I thought smugglers were supposed to be discreet,” she growled.

Han shrugged. “When you’re in this business as long as I’ve been, you hear things, and you can put two-and-two together.”

“Well, erase the sum.”

He smirked, a trait that was frequent and annoying, in her opinion. “You’re kinda touchy, Linda. I like that.”

Kara rolled her eyes. She doubted that he believed that her name was her true one, but she didn’t care. The less he knew, the better.

Han Solo was cocky, arrogant, and well aware that he was good-looking, with a body in shape, chestnut hair with streaks of gold, and hazel eyes that missed nothing despite his air of laziness. He was also one of the best pilots in the Galaxy.

She wasn’t fooled by the lazy act. A smuggler with his success rate was not lazy. He was highly intelligent and like a lot of Corellians, highly instinctive. They were practitioners of planet-based Goddess worship and it was said that was one of the reasons that so many of them were natural-born navigators.

“Well, that’s your prerogative.”

“What is?”

“Being snarky.”

“You’re right, it is.”

He laughed. “Want to play some chess?”

Kara threw her head back, “Why not?”

Han keyed the program and the holographic chessboard appeared over the round rec table. The pieces shimmered as Han tossed her a remote and the game was on.

Kara had to admit that Han Solo was a crafty strategist. She was good at this game but he was no pushover. They battled holographically for a good half hour before Han finally won.

“I want a rematch,” Kara said immediately.

“Fine by me.” Han cleared the board and set it up again. “Same colors?”


Suddenly a figure appeared in the hatchway, blond hair tousled as he yawned.

Han’s eyes immediately lit up. “How was your nap, kid?”

“Wasn’t a nap. Naps are for little kids.” The blond shuffled forward. “I had a recuperative rest.”

Han laughed. “Okay, rest. C’mere.” He put his arm around the younger man’s waist and drew him close.

Kara had to admit that Luke Skywalker was intriguing. Young and from the farming/desert planet of Tatooine, he seemed raw and naïve, but was a beautiful young thing. Little wonder that Han was attracted to him, especially with the infamous Corellian sex drive.

She was pleased that Luke was a freeman. Corellians were underground Abolitionists, learning from the mistakes of her own people. They kept their sentiments to themselves, but in her Rebel work she had learned that they were doing Underground work, helping slaves escape to freedom.

Except that there’s few place in the Empire that escaped slaves can go, and if they’re caught…

Kara shuddered.

“Everything okay?” Han asked.

“Uh, yeah, sure.” Kara returned her attention to the game, ignoring Luke nibbling on Han’s ear as he slid onto the Corellian’s lap.

“Hey, kid, I’m tryin’ to play here.”

“I can play with you.”

Han laughed. “Later. I gotta beat the pants off our client first.”

“Oh?” Kara raised an eyebrow. “We’ll see about that, Corellian.”

That annoying smirk again. “Okay, Linda.”

Kara concentrated on the game, once again ignoring the noises and chuckles coming from her opponent and his companion. She didn’t mind sexy times; she just didn’t want to be distracted.

She also approved of Luke being free. It enraged her to see pleasure slaves ply their craft because no matter how kind the Master or Mistress, the slave literally had no choice on whether or not to offer his or her body. At least this blond farmboy had the choice to sit in Solo’s lap and nibble at his neck.

“Ha! You’re checkmated, Solo!”

“Hmm.” Han studied the board. “Appears so.” He touched Luke’s hair. “You distracted me, kid.”

“So that’s your excuse? Get rid of Blondie and let’s go at it, flyboy.”

Han grinned and patted Luke’s ass. “Chewie could use some company.”

Luke pouted but slid off Han’s lap. “I’ll be back once your game’s over.” He kissed Han and flounced off, Han watching appreciatively.

“Appears it’s true about the famed Corellian sex drive.”

“Yeah?” Han cleared the board and set it up for a new game with the press of a button. “And what have you heard about the famed Corellian sex drive?”

“That it’s insatiable.” Kara made her first move. “That Corellians are hedonists and can be distracted.”

Han made his move. “Distracted, huh? We prefer to think of it as enjoying what the Goddess gives us.”

“I thought you worshipped many Goddesses.”

“We do. The Mother Goddess of All, Celene, is the top of the Pantheon. There are other Gods and Goddess who are honored for different things.”

Kara’s knight took Han’s bishop. “I’m surprised that you’re so religious.”

Han raised an eyebrow. “Oh?”

“Are smugglers particularly religious?”

“The Goddess Marta is the patron saint of smugglers.”


“She also doubles as patron saint of navigators.”

“How convenient.”

Han smirked as his castle took her knight. “Very.”

Kara made a bold move with her bishop. “So Corellians are contradictory.”

“Aren’t most sentient beings?” Han countered her move with his queen.

“I suppose.” Kara studied the board. “But there are specific traits for specific races.”

“Well, sure, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have planets full of people who all think the same simply because they belong to the same race.”

“I know that,” Kara said irritably.

Han smirked again. She dearly wanted to wipe that smirk off his face.

There was silence for the next few minutes as the two players plotted strategy.

Suddenly, the ship rocked and Han yelled, “Chewie! What’s goin’ on?”

Wookiee growls reached Kara’s ears but she couldn’t translate. She followed Han to the cockpit.

Luke was in the co-pilot’s seat as he turned around. “Looks like an Empire patrol.”

Han cursed.

“But why would they fire without even hailing us?” Kara asked.

“The Empire doesn’t need a reason.” Han took the pilot’s seat as Luke vacated it, taking the third seat. Kara stood behind Han’s chair, her eyes scanning the stars.

She tapped his fingers on the chair, Han trying to maneuver away from the pursuing patrol cruiser. He deftly handled the controls, Chewbacca growling as he did his part. Luke watched everything, no longer the coquettish companion.

Kara saw the ship with her telescopic vision. It definitely appeared to be Empire…but wait!

“Are you sure that’s an Empire ship?” she asked.

“That’s the military design and markings,” Luke said.

“I’m not certain it is military.”

Han frowned. “You think it might be rogue?”

“Or pirates.”

“Pirates?” Luke asked.

“Yes, there are pirates who disguise themselves as military in order to board and pillage.”

“Smart,” said Han as he threw a switch. “Is the hyperdrive working, Chewie?” The Wookiee growled. “Good. Linda, go back into the rec room and strap yourself down.”

Kara looked as if she was about to protest but headed back to the recreation area. She didn’t need to be strapped down, but of course no one aboard knew that. She could not reveal her powers without giving away her heritage.

Kara settled into a chair and strapped herself in. Her latest dose of Earth’s yellow sun would keep her in good stead, at least for awhile. Powers might come in handy during this confrontation.

The Millenium Falcon rocked again, and she could hear cursing from the cockpit. The ship shuddered and came to a halt.

“Prepare to be boarded!” Han yelled from the cockpit.

Damn! She didn’t want to tip her hand about her powers, but she would if she had to do so. No way was she going to allow her carefully-accumulated weapons to be snatched up by greedy pirates. It was too late to grab their stored weapons as the stasis beam entered the ship and held them fast.

The hatch opened, the glow of a stasis field surrounding the spacesuit-clad boarders. The lead spaceman removed his helmet.

A Leonine!

The species had tawny-gold skin and manes of full, thick hair. Eye color ranged from gold to yellow to green to violet, with very rare cases of ruby-red.

This Leonine had piercing yellow eyes and the well-muscled build of most males. Three others had accompanied him, one a striking yellow-eyed female, her matching hair flowing down her back after she removed her helmet.

Maybe we should consider ourselves lucky they aren’t Orions.

Han walked into the cabin after the beam was shut off in the interior of the ship. “Why are we being boarded without warning?”

“Because we can.” White teeth gleamed in the tawny face framed by russet hair.

“Sounds fair,” Kara said, carefully keeping her seething tamped down.

The leader looked at her, his smile widening. “A smart woman.” He snapped his fingers. “Search this ship.”

The three Leonines quickly dispersed, Han scowling but not making a move.

“This is quite a fancy little ship you have here, Corellian.” The leader walked around in his boots, looking Han over. If Corellians were known as the sexual nymphs of the Empire, Leonines were a close second. Both species were sexually-adventurous, fond of pair-bonding but just as eager to enter into threesomes or foursomes.

The leader was obviously attracted to Han. He leisurely walked around the captain, sniffing as his eyes glittered. Outwardly Han did not respond, but Kara could feel the tension radiating from him.

It must be killing him not to respond. A Corellian can’t resist that many pheremones.

The Leonine eyed Han up-and-down and looked ready to make a move when the female pirate came in from the cockpit, dragging Luke with her.

“A Wookiee is the co-pilot,” she said, and the leader’s eyes lit up at the sight of Luke.

“Who’s the cub?”

“He’s mine,” Han growled.

The female caressed Luke’s neck. “I don’t see a collar.”

“He’s not my slave. He’s my mate.”

The leader arched an eyebrow. “Well, now, Jara, hear that? The cub is the Corellian’s mate.”

“Yes, but Corellians are not exclusive with their mates, are they, Captain?” Jara’s eyes grew fiery.

“That’s true, but in this case, hands off,” Han demanded.

“Right,” Luke growled, trying to twist out of Jara’s grasp. “And it works both ways.”

The leader laughed. “So the cub has teeth!” He ran a hand down Luke’s chest, Kara quickly putting a restraining hand on Han’s arm. The Corellian scowled but kept his cool.

“That’s right,” Luke said coolly.

Kara had to marvel at the change in him. Instead of a young farmboy plying earthy wares in a near-sluttish way, he was a match for a capable blaster-wielding smuggler. She had no doubt that he could be more than capable of holding his own in a fight.

“Laron, do you think this cub needs some discipline?” Jara asked, shaking Luke slightly.

“Mayhaps, Precious, mayhaps,” Laron purred. He reached out and grabbed a handful of Luke’s shining blond hair.

“Hey!” Han said, unable to remain quiet.

“Don’t worry, Captain, we don’t poach. “ Laron’s yellow eyes raked Luke’s body. “Though both our peoples enjoy the art of mating, and not just one-on-one, hmm?” His big hand clapped Luke’s shoulder, the blond stifling a wince. Laron laughed heartily while Han’s scowl deepened. Kara tensed, cursing silently but getting ready to reveal her powers if necessary.

Laron squeezed Luke’s shoulder, amused at the defiant look cast his way by the blond. He released Luke.

“Have no fear, Captain, my men and I are thieves, not rapists.”

Han relaxed fractionally but Kara knew that he would remain vigilant. Some thieves had honor, but not all of them.

The third pirate re-appeared. “Nothing.”

“Eh, a pity. Ah, well. Better luck next time, eh, Captain?”

“Yeah,” Han said. Kara could tell that he was restraining himself from going over to Luke and re-staking his claim.

Laron smirked. He gestured with his head and Jara and the third pirate followed him out.

Once the hatch closed, Han went directly to Luke and pulled him into a hug. Luke returned it as the ship shuddered, free of the Leonines’ stasis beam.

“Chewie, we gotta check the hyperdrive!” Han yelled to toward the cockpit. Chewbacca growled back.

“I’ll check it,” Luke, said, lavishing a bright smile on his lover and hurried off.

“Good work, Captain.”

“Huh?” Han broke away from watching Luke walk away.

“Good job hiding my weapons.”

“Oh.” Han smirked. “You pay for the best, you get the best.”

Kara rolled her eyes. She said nothing as Han headed for the cockpit, whistling all the way.

Arrogant Corellian!

Still, she would take him by her side in a fight, as she would the farmboy and Wookiee.

Pleased that her powers had not been revealed, Kara sat down and keyed up the chessboard, studying her next move as repairs were underway for the hyperdrive.

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