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Fic Tally

So how do my Muses work? I was curious as I was sitting here watching the Steelers versus the Eagles in a preseason contest, and so set about doing a little count. I could have broken things down into how many drabbles, short stories, etc., but I was too lazy. :) So the following is a mix of the aforesaid drabbles, short stories, fragments, ficlets, mega-epics. :) I tallied the primary pairing and made notes for secondary pairings. Other unusual notes are part of my curiosity. :) All fics listed are those that appeared on my LJ. I didn't include zine fics or archived work, but it's many of the same you see here in two archives I support, the Superman/Batman Archive and WWOMB.

My first post was on November 12, 2006 and my first fic, Announcement I: The Ready Room was posted on December 21, 2006.

I wasn't surprised to see my two top pairings as Clark/Bruce and Bruce/Dick. They are the ones who stir my Muses most often, and it was interesting to see just how often. All fics can be found in links here on my LJ.

Clark/Bruce -- 25

Bruce/Dick -- 19 I decided to include Twist Of Fate in the slash category, because if I ever get inspiration to continue this, Bruce and Dick are romantically involved at the beginning, but the story is so dark it even depresses me! so I have to really be in the mood to write it. It's not a deathfic, though it might be worse!

Bruce & Dick -- 3 These fics cover stories early in either Batman or Batman & Robin's career (Wee!Dick is so much fun to write!) or gen tales.

Steve/Diana -- 4 Happily this rare het pairing (for me, since I mainly write slash) has inspired me to write a nice little batch of fics. They are also mentioned in several other fics but take center stage here.

Clex -- 3

Apollo/Starbuck -- 3

Clark/Dick -- 2

Jim/Artie -- 2

Selina/Dinah -- 1 Two femslash stories feature women-only, and Dinah happens to be in both of them! :)

Diana/Dinah -- 1

Ollie & Dinah -- 1 This is pre-Ollie/Dinah.

Dick/Roy -- 1 I've only written one fic in which Dick/Roy star, but they are briefly mentioned in Sun, Sand, And Sea, mentioned more significantly in Forever And Always, and share time with Clark/Bruce in Heartland I: Truth, Justice, And The... I could count Heartland I: Truth, Justice, And The... twice but decided to just make a note of Dick/Roy in this story for now.

Clark/Dick/Bruce -- 1 This is a possible threesome. In The Age Of Heroes, it's not specified whether all three were in a romantic relationship, or if it was Clark/Dick, Bruce/Dick, Clark/Bruce or possibly none at all. It was an odd situation but it seemed to work for this story.

So it appears that my DCU Muses are working nicely, with some Apollo/Starbuck and Jim/Artie thrown in. My main pairings are Clark/Bruce and Bruce/Dick, and I've written some femslash and other DCU pairings. Ironically, Bruce is in two of my most frequent pairings and he is the most emotionally-challenged! :) Such is life, eh? ;)
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