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"Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire..."

Ah, peace. The weather is cold outside but not bone-numbingly cold. The chores are done and I've checked my e-mail and f-list. I'm thinking of doing some typing and am currently reading a wonderful Steve/Danny fic. :) I cooked some delicious pasta with tomato, garlic and onion sauce last night and will probably sample more of it either tonight or tomorrow when I'm watching the Patriots vs. the Redskins. All the decorations and presents are long up and bought, and the tree glitters prettily. I think I'm getting some very cool presents this year. All that's missing is some snow on the ground, nothing major, just enough to prettify everything.

I hope you're all busy creating marvelous works for the 2011 DCU Fic/Art Silver-'N'-Gold Winter Holidays Challenge and the 2011 Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Winter Holidays Challenge. I'll be creating collections over on A03 for them soon and will make an announcement on that when they're ready.

I would HIGHLY recommend people here on LJ upload stories over there and back-up your journals on Dreamwidth (comments can be preserved!) considering the attacks on LJ recently, and with the Russian elections in March, get ready for more fun (NOT)! I'm BradyGirl_12 over on both DW and A03. This is especially a good idea for people who post to comms and will lose all their comments if LJ goes belly-up. Communities can't be transferred over to DW so you might want to post everything on your own LJ and link to it from the comms.

So, watch this journal for A03 announcements within the next week! :)

P.S. I tried changing my layout last night but the homepage isn't showing the links to the Journal Style. Anyone else having this problem?
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