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A03 Questions

Hi, luvs! I've been making a concentrated effort to transfer my stories to A03 lately and since I host Challenges, thought I might create some Collections. Has anyone done that over there yet? Is it easy or complicated? I'm thinking of creating the following collections:

BradyGirl_12 DCU Challenges

Wonder Woman Love Challenges

Guns_Fedoras Public Enemies Challenges

Fic Prompts/Requests

The first three would be open to all and the fourth would be the prompt fills that people have requested and only my stories would go in there.

I have so many challenges that I thought it would make sense to go this route and create sub-collections for each year, which would be 2007 to the present for three of them and 2009 to the present for PE. If a sub-collection is created, does that mean you upload a story to the main collection and also the sub-collection? Or just the sub-collection?

Yes, I'll be re-reading the instructions but sometimes things are clearer if I hear about someone's experiences.

My page is here on A03 if you're curious about what stories I've uploaded over there so far. :)
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