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Post-Rainbow's Freedom Thoughts ;)

Hi, luvs! I am now reduced here on LJ to lining up my work and posting it as fast as I can whenever I get a window of availibility. Frustrated, much?

So, now that Rainbow's Freedom is done (though lots of work remains with the revisions and typing!), I decided to throw out this post. I probably won't be doing anything as long as RF in the near future but thought it would be fun to ask you, my faithful flist/readers, what you'd like to see on this journal. Just a disclaimer: I do have my own projects lined up and my Muses are notoriously headstrong, so this is pretty much hypothetical, but I'm always curious to see what other people are thinking. :)

So, reply to this post if you're so inclined with what you'd like to see me write, and that means updates of old favorites, ideas for new stories, and any pairings/threesomes/moresomes and fandoms I've written that you'd like to see more of. And who knows? Maybe in 2012 one or more suggestions from this post may find its way onto my journal. Shameless plugging of your favorites is encouraged! ;)
Tags: fanfic, flist, lj, meme, pimp, question, rainbow's freedom, writing
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