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Week 13: New England Patriots 31, Indianapolis Colts 24 (9-3) (Sunday, December 4, 2011)

Week 13: New England Patriots 31, Indianapolis Colts 24 (9-3) (Sunday, December 4, 2011)

As with just about every game this year, today was a mixed bag. At the beginning of the game the offense was once again a slow starter, this year’s theme, apparently. Then they woke up and it was 17-3 in the Patriots’ favor at the half, and they pulled away to 31-3 in the third quarter. Tight end Rob Gronkowski tied the all-time record for TDs in a season by a tight end, 13. He’s got lots of time to break that record! ;)

Tom was smart and efficient (and beautiful!) and the offense just drove up-and-down the field at will. The defense put up a pretty good performance against a QB who’s been in the league eight years but this was only his eighth start.

Then, once again, near-collapse. The Patriots took the Colts too lightly in the fourth quarter and allowed Indy to score three unanswered touchdowns to make the score 31-24 with a few minutes left. Fortunately the Patriots were able to hold, but the offense went three-and-out three times in the fourth quarter and the defense was horrid. They are on pace for allowing the most yards per game in NFL history. Tom Brady shows his value by carrying this team on his shoulders every week.

Honestly, what is with athletes and letting their foot off the gas pedal?

Next week: the Washington Redskins!

The Patriots lead the division at 9-3 with the Jets at 7-5, the Bills at 5-7, and the Dolphins at 4-8. Everyone but the Bills won today.

NOTE: This game was flexed out of Sunday Night Football and the game with Denver on the 18th may be flexed in, so the Patriots might be on national TV that night, you lucky people! ;)
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