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Fic: The Cottage In The Woods (2/3)

Title: The Cottage In The Woods (2/3)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Clark/Bruce, Clark/Lex (eventual Clark/Bruce/Lex), Dick, Zatanna
Continuity: Smallville, Batman Begins
Genres: AU, Fairytale, Fantasy, First Time (For Everyone! ;) ), Romance
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: When Lex falls in love with a beautiful farmboy, trouble ensues.
Chapter Summary: Bruce keeps Clark safe.
Date Of Completion: November 12, 2011
Date Of Posting: November 26, 2011
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC and WB do, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1195
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Written for my 2011 LJ Fifth Anniversary Fic Request Meme (Build-A-Fic). Pairing/Threesome: Clark/Bruce/Lex. Prompts: Fairytale, Cream-Filled/Solid (Chocolates), Fruit.
All chapters can be found here.



In a cottage in the woods,
The Starchild dwelled,
Safe from harm
As his heart swelled
With love
For his Dark Knight
And the charming Jester
Danced and sang.

Jewel Gold
"The Starchild"
1463 C.E.

The snows came and fell onto the roof of the little cottage in the woods. The red windowboxes were bare and the summer flowers dormant as winter covered the forest. Smoke curled up from the chimney, and in the small red barn, two horses enjoyed oats and hay.

Inside the cottage a fire roared in the hearth, keeping the dwelling warm and cozy. Tea boiled on the stove as bread baked in the oven.

Dick came out of his bedroom, cheerfully bouncing over to Bruce, who sat at the small writing table close to the hearth. “Is Clark napping?”

Bruce nodded. “He is still getting over that nasty cold.”

“So Zatanna’s magic dampens his powers?”


It was not unusual to come across people with strange powers in this world. Whether by magic or some other means, there were giants and dragons and Witches all throughout the sweet lands.

“Clark is vulnerable to magic,” Dick said worriedly.

“We can protect him with the same thing.” Bruce waved his hand to encompass the cottage. “The magical talisman that Zatanna gave us will keep us safe from prying eyes.”

“For how long?”

“Until spring.” Bruce showed Dick the book that he was reading. “These spells will keep us safe. We have the ingredients to fashion new weapons for our night work back home, too.”

Dick grinned. “Mmm, that bread smells good!”

“Check on it, will you, please? Clark gave me fine instructions for making it.”

“Good thing, otherwise we might end up living in the barn with the horses after the cottage burned down.”

“Do not get cheeky with me, brat.”

Dick laughed as he headed to the kitchen.

Bruce smiled fondly at him. The boy was a light in his life.

He stood and went to the bedchamber, Clark sleeping peacefully in his own bed. Bruce was grateful. Clark had suffered broken sleep because of his congestion. Tea with honey seemed to help.

Bruce watched Clark sleep as he leaned against the doorjamb, his arms folded. Clark’s innocence nearly broke his heart, but that was not the only reason.

He had fallen in love with Clark.

Bruce sighed softly. Spending these weeks in close quarters, learning about this beautiful man he was sworn to protect, Bruce had fallen hard. He had learned how nimble the farmboy’s mind was and how attuned he was to Nature.

How could I have done this? I have betrayed my old friend.

Clark had admitted to feelings for Lex, so he undoubtedly would not appreciate any declarations of love on Bruce’s part.

Bruce sighed again. Only he could fell in love with the man his cherished friend already loved.

“Everything all right, Bruce?” Dick asked quietly as he appeared at his elbow.

“Mmm, yes.” Bruce pushed away from the doorjamb. “Let us have our refreshments.”

& & & & & &

The days passed, Clark and Bruce chopping wood to keep them supplied while Dick carried the logs to the woodbox. Clear, bright days alternated with snowy ones, the latter more numerous. Bruce hoped that Zatanna’s magic would remain strong.

He could see the dark forces pushing at the edges, the sky a little grayer, the trees at the edges of the forest a little more sinister. As long as they stayed in the forest, they would be safe until the first day of spring.

“And when we will know that for sure?” Bruce had asked Zatanna.

“On the first day of spring, the robin will sing.”

So Bruce welcomed the snows. In the meantime, there was planning to do.

& & & & & &

“We must be vigilant.”

“We are,” said Clark. He smiled that heart-stopping smile at Bruce.

“But we have to be prepared,” Bruce argued.

They were sitting by the fire, Bruce at the writing desk and Clark on a hassock in front of it. Dick was in his room reading a book. Snow fell outside as it had for the last three days.

“We will be.”

Bruce sighed and put down his quill. “We know that you are vulnerable to magic.”

“And I also can be protected by it.”

Bruce looked down at the slip of vellum that he was writing on. “We must be certain.”

“Bruce.” Clark’s voice was soft and he laid his hand on Bruce’s arm.

The Prince looked up, meeting eyes greener than the sea. His heart fluttered and Clark leaned forward, kissing Bruce firmly on the lips.

Bruce returned the kiss, pushing away guilt as passion rose in his heart. He drew Clark closer.

“The bedchamber,” Clark whispered in his ear.

They stumbled into the bedchamber, kissing and fumbling with clothes, their garments strewn across the room. Clark fell onto the bed with Bruce on top of him. Tossing off the last of their garments, they met skin-to-skin, Bruce’s heart pounding as he declared, “Want you.”

“I know.”

Bruce ground his hips against Clark, who squeezed his buttocks as Bruce kissed him deeply. His banked passion was being stirred like embers in the heart as he tasted and touched, his blood afire.

And when they both came, sticky but happy, Bruce felt joy.

& & & & & &

Dick came out of his room. The parlor and kitchen were empty, and it was not time to feed the horses. He looked outside just in case Bruce and Clark had decided to get fresh air, but it was snowing hard. The fire was starting to die out. He put more logs on and peeked into their bedchamber.

Two bodies were entwined on one of the two beds, covered by a quilt. Smiling, Dick quietly shut the door.

& & & & & &

When Bruce awoke, he felt the glorious warmth of Clark’s body next to him.

Oh, no!

His joy turned to guilt. He had betrayed Lex!

But Clark had wanted this, too! He initiated it.

Clark’s eyes fluttered open and he smiled. “Hello.”

“Hello.” Bruce bit his lip. “Clark, I…”

“You feel guilty about Lex.” At Bruce’s nod, he said, “So do I, but I still love him.” He put a finger to Bruce’s lips before his lover could speak. “I can love both of you.”

Bruce sighed. “Why is life so complicated?”

Clark laughed. “’Tis true, but that is the way of things, my Prince.”

Bruce shook his head and snuggled close to his farmboy.

& & & & & &

During another snowy day Clark, Bruce and Dick enjoyed a snowball fight outside the cottage. Laughter brightened their eyes while the cold reddened their cheeks. Dick aimed and smacked Bruce square on the neck, the Prince yelping as snow slipped down his collar.

“Wretched brat!”

Dick laughed and scampered away through the snow with Bruce giving chase and Clark laughing.

Their evenings were spent by the fire reading, writing, or telling stories. Sometimes Dick performed a dance as Clark played the lute. Bruce was able to give dramatic readings, having played on the stage for charity performances. Dick and Clark applauded while Bruce bowed.

They were a happy family in their cozy haven even with danger lurking outside the forest.

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