bradygirl_12 (bradygirl_12) wrote,

Superman's Babysitter

I'm not sure how many people check on scans_daily so I decided to post this link: Superman's Babysitter

As noted in the comments, seems like DC has published some pretty offensive stuff in the past. I know I've seen scans of disturbing violence that turned me off. This set of scans might skirt the edges of offensive, I suppose, but it's a clever spoof, IMO. Very much like the old Warner Brothers cartoons. The art is reminiscent of Chuck Jones/Tex Avery as is the zany story and cartoonish mayhem. Anyway, it's work-safe, and I apologize to anyone who clicks this on and is offended for any reason, but it just left me agog. :)
Tags: scans_daily, superman's babysitter!
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