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Holiday Musings

I think I'm starting to feel the holiday spirit! :) I'm looking over my decorations and will probably wrap presents this weekend. The only bummer is that all my spare cash went to storm clean-up so I can't send cards this year. It's the first time I'll have to bow out and it upsets me a little. :(

*sighs* Well, I can concentrate on writing holiday fic. I started my story for the WFGE today so hopefully I won't have to rush to finish it in time for Christmas. I should get my assignment for the Clexmas Winter Holidays Gift Exchange this weekend.

I'm excited about posting my superbat_bb story very soon! min_taiwan's art is incredible. Since LJ Scrapbook only allows a medium size to show in the entries, make sure to click on the pix so that you can see the incredible details!

One other thing: the story may appear to be a deathfic but it isn't. If it was I would have put that in the warning line. It's a serious, dramatic story with plenty of hurt/comfort and angst, but unless I write pure darkfic, I always like to mix in lighter moments and true joy. Life is rarely all of either happiness or sadness, after all. :)

I appreciate all the comments so far on my smallvillebbang story, Bleeding Kansas. When you work that hard and long on a story with a big word count, you really appreciate people letting you know if they liked the story. :)
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