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Challenges/Claims Tables

Hi, luvs! I've been having fun browsing through a bunch of challenge/claims tables comms. If you created one or more, what would they be? A multi-fandom challenge? A general fandom (Examples: Smallville or Hawaii Five-0? Would you focus on one character or pairing or threesome? Or make your comm about pairings and threesomes but from multiple fandoms? Would a theme like romance or holidays or something else be your main idea?

What kind of claim tables would you use? Colors, food, hurt/comfort, etc.? A mix of all? Would you require a firm number of claims, like 50 or 100? Would you allow flexibility as to the number (with, say, 10 as a minimum)? And would custom tables be allowed? Would your rules be very general, specific, few or numerous? Would your comm be all fic or include art/graphics and other fanworks? What other elements would you add?

Put on your mod cap and see what you can create! :)
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