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Well, it's been quite a week! I think the fall-like weather jump-started me into fall cleaning, LOL! So I got a lot done, the house is sparkling, and I feel very accomplished ! :) The recycle truck picked up a ton of stuff from me today, and I mixed in more cleaning today with decorating the house for autumn. Decorating as in changing knickknacks, putting up a decoration on the front door, putting up a little display in the front window, changing the flag in the backyard to the scarecrow (not Jonathan Crane, whew!), etc. I also arranged a display of all my New England Patriots-related books and am pleased to see that I have quite a collection! :)

The fridge is sparkling, too! I keep up with the food in there so nothing spoils, but sometimes you forget about a bottle of syrup or something in the back, and I cleared out any old bottles of stuff I found and old water bottles, too.

Tomorrow I'm going to treat myself to a day of early Christmas shopping, bookstore browsing, and picking some nice, ripe, cherry tomatoes from the garden at my sister's house. She's on vacation so I'm watering and tending the garden and flowers. I bought new sneakers yesterday on sale, and fifty diskettes! I plan on doing a lot of writing! :)

Side note: Tom Brady's son was born yesterday. It's his first child. Rumor has it that kid's name will be William (Just like the coach! Tee hee). ;)

The writing goes well and has been a lot of fun lately. I love discussing fics with people and am pleased that my fic is worthy of comment! :)

I seem to be on a Clark/Bruce roll right now but I'm sure Bruce/Dick will demand some attention soon! Pushy Bats! :)

Everyone's cauldrons bubbling for the 2007 Fic/Art Halloween Challenge? :)
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