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Bingo Cards/Challenges/Claims Tables/Fests/Gift Exchanges

Hi, luvs! This was pretty much the Year of the Big Bang for me, heh heh, and so instead of loooong works next year I thought I MIGHT consider claims tables or bingo cards again. I'm finally making progress on my dcu_freeforall tables, close to finishing! I know that for DCU characters/pairings I can go there, but I might want to do non-DC stuff. Can you recommend any? I really don't know if I'll sign up for anything but I'm always curious to see what's out there, anyway. You can include challenges and fests, too. Thanks! :)

Oh, and while I'm at it, I know about a lot of cool holiday stuff like gift exchanges (WFGE) and yuletide, but if you have any you like, whether DC or not, let me know!
Tags: bingo card, challenge, fest, gift exchange, pimp, question, rec, wfge
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