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Fic: It Happened One Night (3/5)

Title: It Happened One Night (3/5)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters: (this chapter): Clark/Bruce
Category: Drama
Rating (this chapter): NC-17
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: Fresh-off-the-farm Clark discovers new experiences in the Big City.
Summary: The boys don't need the Walls of Jericho.  ;)
Date Of Completion: August 17, 2007
Date Of Posting: August 22, 2007
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1562
Feedback welcome and appreciated. 
Author’s Note: greeneyelove requested "Clark and Bruce meet and have a one-night stand (or so they think) and then they discover who the other really is" from my DCU GSB Fic Request Meme. All chapters can be found here. 





The hotel was modest but not sleazy, which pleased Clark.  He didn’t want his first time to be in some lurid flophouse.


The desk clerk didn’t bat an eye as Clark went up with Jim on the elevator.  The lobby was shabby but clean, and the room was the same.  The bed linens looked fine.


Suddenly nervous again, Clark looked to Jim for his cue.


Jim stepped up, taking Clark’s face in his hands, starting with a slow, gentle, kiss, then increasing in intensity.


Excitement built in Clark, his hands sliding up Jim’s back.


Clothes began to be peeled off, both men fumbling, Clark blushing slightly as all that was left was his undershirt and boxers, his erection clearly straining the fabric.


Jim’s erection was doing the same to his boxers, and his hand pressed against Clark, who staggered back with a moan.  Jim’s smile was salacious, and he pushed Clark to the bed.


Clark was on his back and Jim kissed his face and throat, pushing up his undershirt and licking both nipples.


Electricity shot through Clark, shuddering slightly as Jim’s tongue slid down his sternum and abs, moaning, “So beautiful, Cal.”


The shirt remained rolled up above Clark’s nipples, Jim urging him to bend his knees and pushed his legs apart, rubbing his groin until Clark writhed under the sensations.


“Legs down so I can get your boxers off,” Jim whispered, and Clark obeyed, blushing again as his cock was exposed, already hard and ready.


“Beautiful,” Jim said in an awe-tinged voice.  He touched it, skittering his fingers up and down the swollen flesh, then began licking, Clark drowning in the new sensations.


Suddenly he gasped and bucked his hips up as Jim swallowed him, the warm, wet feeling driving him wild.  Incoherent, his fingers clutched the threadbare sheets.




New and myriad emotions cascaded through him as he exploded in Jim’s mouth.  Clark closed his eyes as his partner drained him dry.  A little embarrassed, he opened his eyes as Jim released his softening cock.  When Jim licked his lips, Clark nearly became hard again.


“Now, Sweet Cal, time to take care of me.”


Clark’s body jolted as a finger entered between his buttocks.  He tightened but Jim made soothing noises, then leaned down, plucked out a tube from his discarded pants pocket, coated his fingers with cream, and re-inserted them into Clark.


Shock again.  Clark shivered, a little frightened but liking the sensations.


“You’re okay with bottoming?” Jim asked.






Clark yelped as a secret spot was touched, waves of pleasure washing over him.  Jim grinned.


His fingers slid out, coated his cock while Clark stared, and nudged the opening to Clark’s body.




“You’re okay with this, right?” Jim studied Clark’s face, a light suddenly dawning. “My god…are you a virgin?”


Clark blushed miserably, turning his face away.  Strong fingers gripped his chin and forced his head back.


“Look at me.” Clark obeyed, his face flaming. “It’s okay to be a virgin, Cal.  We all are at the beginning, you know.” Jim’s smile was kind. “I’ll just proceed with that in mind.  Let me know if you feel pain or don’t want to continue.”


“Okay,” Clark whispered breathlessly.


 Jim’s touch was even gentler as he rested a hand on Clark’s thigh.


“Bring your knees up…that’s the way…now, I’m going to ease in…relax…it may hurt for a moment, tell me if the pain stays instead of going away.”


There wouldn’t be pain, of course, but Jim didn’t know that.  Clark’s nervousness came back as he was stretched and filled, but as Jim began to thrust, pure pleasure shot through him.




Clark nodded, speechless, and Jim laughed.  He increased the rhythm, and when he touched Clark’s prostate, Clark screamed.


He managed to keep his eyes open enough to watch Jim, his glorious naked body looming over him, pleasured concentration on his beautiful face.


More pleasure, more thrusting, pleasure, thrusting…








Gasping, Clark felt Jim pull out and crawl up to put his arms around him.




“The best!”


Jim laughed and stroked Clark’s chest. “Considering I was your first…well, I’ll still take that as a compliment.” He winked. 


& & & & & &


The rumble of the El outside the hotel window stirred a sleepy Clark.






“Teach me…” he gestured at his mouth.


Jim propped up on one elbow and traced Clark’s lips. “That does look like a very talented mouth.” At Clark’s blush, Jim laughed and tugged on dark hair. “Okay, let me get up against the headboard.” Jim scooted up, then lazily bent his knees, spreading his legs. “Start tasting, Sweet Cal.”


Clark eagerly crawled up the bed, burying his face in Jim’s groin, inhaling the musky scent.  He pulled back, flicking his tongue out, fascinated by the taste of aroused maleness.  He slid his tongue up hard flesh, lapped tight balls, and then slowly swallowed the swelling cock.


A strong hand urged him on as it cupped the back of his head, Clark getting used to the cock in his mouth, establishing a rhythm, Jim moaning, fingers curling in his hair, Clark framed by quivering thighs as he sucked, head bobbing, then Clark knew what was coming and swallowed every drop.


The taste was pleasant, salty-sweet, and Jim’s head fell back against the headboard with a soft thump.


His body gleamed with sweat, Clark admiring its beauty as he released Jim’s cock.




Jim laughed, then coughed, “Um, yeah.” He reached out and touched Clark’s mouth. “Definitely talented.”


Clark smiled proudly, then asked, “Do you like to bottom?”


Jim’s eyes widened slightly, then narrowed to a half-lidded expression.  He slid down the bed, pushing his legs up. “Get me ready.”


Excited, Clark picked up the tube from the nightstand, coated his fingers, and tentatively touched Jim’s anus.


“Push in,” Jim encouraged.


Clark did, and became more relaxed, his own cock hard, and then replaced his fingers with his penis, thrusting into his partner.


Tight, hot, Jim moaning


He watched his cock slide in and out of the beautiful body, saw Jim’s face flushed with passion, blond hair tumbling, lips slightly parted…


Orgasmic glory.


Jim shouted and Clark joined him.


Exhausted, Clark slid out and crawled up to Jim.


For several minutes they were silent except for the sound of panting breath, then Jim scooted up to the headboard again.


“Whew!” he said, lolling as his arm went up over his head, one knee bent. “If I still smoked, I’d be puffing on a Lucky Strike right now.”


Clark chuckled. “So you don’t smoke?”


“Nah, not good for the lungs.” Jim lightly thumped his chest. “At least I didn’t feel that way.” He looked down at Clark. “You?”


Clark shook his head. “I tried it once.  I didn’t like it.” 


Jim stretched, a lock of blond hair falling in his eyes.


“Looks like we didn’t need any Walls of Jericho,” Clark said.


Jim laughed. “No, we didn’t.” He smirked. “But if we did, they would have tumbled down at the first fuck.”


“I guess we’re like Clark Gable, no undershirts necessary.”


“Ah, yes.” Jim was looking positively indolent. “Do you know undershirt sales have been falling since men have seen Clark Gable without one in the movie?”


“No,” Clark said as he sat back against the headboard. 


Jim pulled up the sheet to their waists as a cool breeze wafted in through the window. “Power of Hollywood.  ‘Course, it could just be because men can’t afford new ones right now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the movie was a major cause.”


“So you really think Hollywood has all that influence?”


“Don’t laugh, image is everything in this world.” Jim looked off in the distance. “Symbolism that strikes in the heart is what can work for you.”


“So what does Clark Gable’s lack of an undershirt symbolize?” Clark asked teasingly.


Jim pulled back from whatever distant place he was seeing and smirked as his other hand linked behind his head, his chest gleaming with sweat.


“I’d say it symbolized one hell of a sexy man.  Hell, even his name is sexy: Clark.  Unusual but direct.”


Clark sighed.  The one time he could use his name to his advantage, and he couldn’t!  Jim would never believe that it was his real name now.


Clark wanted…he thought of the tender kiss Jim had started this with and decided it was okay to do the same.  He leaned over and kissed Jim with a gentle tenderness that he hoped Jim would like.  Emotion flooded through him and he curled his fingers in the sheets.


“Whoa, what was that for?” Jim’s eyes were unreadable.


“A thank you,” Clark said.  His cheeks flushed with a tinge of pink. “For being my first, and for being so patient and kind.”


Something flickered in the other man’s midnight-blue eyes. “You’re welcome, Pumpkin.” He slipped down under the sheets. “Better get some sleep, Kansas.  You farmboys rise with the cock, don’t you?”


“My cock rises, but not because a rooster crows.”


Jim chuckled. “Swift on the uptake, Kansas.”


Clark snuggled next to him, hoping it was allowed. “How’d you know I was a farmboy?”


“You smell like sunshine.” Jim sniffed. “And apple shampoo and Ivory soap.”


Clark sighed happily as Jim’s arm went around him.


Happily, the Walls of Jericho hadn’t been needed. 










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