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My 2011 Wish List

It's that time of year again! :)

I had a great time last year giving and receiving. It’s a great way to celebrate the holidays! :)

RL Gifts:

If you can fulfill any wishes, PM for my address (where applicable), please. My e-mail can be found on my Profile Page.

1. Please make a donation to your local food bank.

2. Chocolate! I’d love to get delicious quality chocolate from anyplace in the world (I had some fantastic chocolate from Canada years ago). My favorite is dark chocolate but milk chocolate is good, too. My favorite fillings are vanilla, chocolate, buttercream, lemon, raspberry and peanut butter. Godiva or Lindnor’s would be a real treat! Any chocolate welcome! ;)

3. Christmas Cards—I would like two boxes if possible since I’ve got 28 names on my list. If anyone can fill this request, please send as soon as possible. I like to send my cards early! ;) I prefer non-religious themes.

4. Computer/Laptop—This is the most extravagant request I’ll make because I’m not sure how long my old computer will last. I dread being cut off from fandom! I figure I’d give it a shot. ;)

5. Gift cards from:

Payless Shoes (I need new boots)

Shaw’s Supermarket

Wal-Mart (I can buy a lot of necessities cheap here)

Restaurants (I chose national chains to make it easier):


Burger King


Pub 99


6. Jewelry: I’m requesting two pieces. I want to spruce up my collection and also get a special piece for my sister. She is not fond of very delicate jewelry (big and clunky is her style) but it would have to be pieces that can be worn to work by a professional woman. No earrings as neither one of us has pierced ears.

7. Pentagram: my old one is not wearable anymore.

Fannish Gifts:

8. DVDs! I’m particularly interested in:

DC Animated:

Justice League: The New Frontier

Any episodes of animated series: Justice League, Superman, and Batman, etc.

The Max Fleischer Superman cartoons

Note: I already have Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths and Wonder Woman

DC Live-Action Movies:

Superman I & II

Superman Returns

Note: I already have Batman Begins & The Dark Knight

DC Live-Action TV:

Smallville (Especially interested in Seasons 1 through 4)

Wonder Woman 1970s TV series (Lynda Carter) (Interested only in the Pilot Movie and Season 1 (World War II era)

Marvel Live-Action Movies:

Captain America: The First Avenger


X-Men: First Class

Non-DC Live-Action Movies

Christian Bale movies:

The Fighter

Little Women


The Prestige

3:10 To Yuma

Note: I already have Public Enemies

Non-DC TV:

Emergency! (Especially interested in Seasons 1 & 2 but would love any except Season 7! The first six seasons are the regular episodes but seventh season consisted of TV movies that barely featured the cast.)

Note: I already have Season 3

9. Anything for my LJ account! Extension of the paid account, permanent account, extension of icon space. I’ve been extremely lucky to get most of these before from generous people, and it keeps my LJ presence up-to-date! :)

10. Fanfic or fanart for any of my favorite characters/pairings/fandoms. Links can be found in the sidebar on my LJ.

11. Illustrations for any of my stories. Links can be found in the sidebar on my LJ.

12. Icons! Any of my favorites from DC, Mel/Johnny and/or Mel/Johnny/Billie (The Gangster Trio) from Public Enemies. I’ve been busy uploading a whole bunch of icons with all the space I have from a gift from a generous donor but still have slots left. :)

13. A Merry Yule and Christmas to all! :)

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