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Titans 27, Patriots 24 (0-2) (Preseason)

Tennessee Titans 27, New England Patriots 24 (0-2) (Preseason)

The last time the Tennessee Titans came to town, it was January of 2004, ten below zero, and the divisional playoff. Oh, and the Patriots won on their way to their second Super Bowl. :)

Well, like most preseason games, some good stuff, some bad stuff last night. The pre-game warm-ups were cancelled as thunder and lightning filled the skies, but the game started on time. The fans came back down to the seats and sat in light rain most of the night.

Tom was picked off in the first series, due to getting hit and his aim off, but he came back the next series with a TD pass to Wes Welker. Another touchdown was scored, but the Pats wasted a golden opportunity to score after a defensive holding penalty put them on the goal line.

Linebacker Junior Seau is 38 years old and running around like a 28-year-old! :)

The QB and receivers aren't quite in rhythm yet, and Tom took some vicious hits as the offensive line didn't do a great job. One hit in particular had him getting up slowly. No one in New England wants to see that!

The defense stopped the run and put on relentless pressure of its own against Vince Young, the Tennessee Titans' quarterback. Rodney Harrison in particular got a good shot in, a little payback for a cheap shot to the knee last year by a Titan that knocked him out of the upcoming playoffs.

The first-team offense needs more work, especially the O-line, and the first-team defense looked sharp, coming up with a great goal-line stand to end the first half.

The lead was lost in the second half as the second-and-third-stringers played, and they ended up losing 27-24. Good thing preseason doesn't count! :)

If anyone else is a football fan, how did your team do?
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