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Quick Fic List

Hi, guys! Just a quickie entry here to keep my own mind organized, heh heh.

I've been working on coding the entries for the smallvillebbang story, keeping them unseen, of course, until the unveiling! Looks like it'll take three parts here on LJ to get it all done, and then I'll do a Master Post linking all three chapters, so you WILL be spammed somewhat the date of my posting. Sorry, can't be helped! :)

Still working like a crazy nut on the zine story, and it's hitting the homestretch! I'm kind of excited about that because the confrontation scene is coming up! :)

I'll be working on the first draft of Arc 9 of Rainbow's Freedom again after Halloween, but in the meantime new chapers of Arc 8 will be continued to be posted the rest of the month. I have about six chapters left to write on Arc 9, and then it's all over, my friends!

I'm really rolling on the final Public Enemies Halloween story and that's getting closer to the homestretch, too.

Yay, I'm FINALLY getting to some of my remaining ideas for my dcu_freeforall prompts! I had intended to work on those and then got derailed by the Big Bangs, LOL!
Tags: a dark knight in smallville, big bang, challenge, clark kent/bruce wayne, clark kent/lex luthor, clex, crazy bizzy!, dcu _freeforall, fanfic, fanzine, halloween, holiday, pagan, public enemies, rainbow’s freedom, smallville, superman/batman, writing
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