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Week 5: New England Patriots 30, New York Jets 21 (4-1) (Sunday, October 9, 2011)

Week 5: New England Patriots 30, New York Jets 21 (4-1) (Sunday, October 9, 2011)

A nice, solid win for the Patriots! Wes Welker and Ben-Jarvus Green-Ellis both had big days on offense, and for once the defense wasn’t a totally leaky sieve! The game was hard-fought as most divisional games are, and the Patriots employed the Jets’ ‘Pound ‘N’ Ground’ running game. So much for being a finesse team, eh, boys? ;)

The Patriots are tied at the top of the division with the surprising Bills at 4-1, the Jets drop to 2-3, and the Dolphins were (mercifully) on a bye week and remain at 0-4. ;)

The Pats wore their throwback uniforms and looked good in red! :)

Next week: the Cowboys! Let’s hope Tony Romo coughs up the ball a couple of times in the fourth quarter as usual. ;)

EDIT Ack! How could I forget that the Boston Bruins brought the Stanley Cup to Foxboro! ;) Thanks to northern_star for reminding me! The Cup has been all over New England and in every North End Italian restaurant in existence since June, so why not Foxboro? ;)
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