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Week 4: New England Patriots 31, Oakland Raiders 19 (3-1) (Sunday, Ocotber 2, 2011)

Week 4: New England Patriots 31, Oakland Raiders 19 (3-1) (Sunday, Ocotber 2, 2011)

Usually after a bad game, Tom has a good-to-great one. He didn’t disappoint this week!

Wes Welker is on fire! He’s catching everything thrown his way by Tom. He’s set a record for catches for two consecutive weeks. He’s racked up 616 yards and 5 touchdowns. He’s incredible!

Big Vince Wilfork got another interception! It’s his second career INT, the second in three weeks. It’s always fun to see a guy over 300 pounds rumbling down the field. ;)

The defense made an endzone interception along with Vince’s pick, but they were still a leaky secondary with very little pressure on the opposing quarterback. Argh! The yardage they gave up was enormous again, and they can’t get off the field on third down. Seems like last year and the year before! They are DEAD LAST in the NFL in defensive stats. LOTS of work to do!

Richard Seymour, who was traded to Oakland two years ago, was so revved up to play against his old team that he made two penalties in the first quarter, helping out our offense. Go, Richard! ;)

The offense really picked up the pace. Tom was sharp and lookin’ pretty! He got a haircut this week. ;)

Next week: the Jets at home!
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