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Fic: Time And Place (2/4)

Title:  Time And Place (2/4)
Author: BradyGirl 
Pairings/Characters: Clark/Bruce, Steve/Diana, Jack Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Dick Grayson, Linda Danvers, Ollie Queen 
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
Summary: Down through the years, across time and space, Clark and Bruce’s love endures. 
All chapters can be found here.

Date Of Completion: January 2, 2007
Date Of Posting: January 2, 2007
Word Count: 2448
Notes: I did read that they danced to the Twist at the Kennedy White 
House, and it created quite a stir in those more innocent days! :)
Chapter Two


The Silver Age


New Year’s Eve, 1962




The chandeliers sparkled in the East Room as the bejeweled and tuxedoed crowd partied at
the White House.
 The Marine Band played, and there would be Hollywood entertainment later
in the evening.  The President and First Lady greeted their guests in the receiving line,
a glittering couple to whom people were drawn, power and glamour radiating out from them


Suddenly the crowd stirred, and two figures flew into the room.  Cheers and applause
sprang up as Superman and Supergirl alighted and were immediately urged to the front of
the line.


“A pleasure to see you,” JFK greeted them, warmly shaking hands.  His wife Jackie gave
Supergirl a quick hug, the younger woman beaming.


“Well, it only seemed appropriate to close out the old year with a swing by such
distinguished company,” Superman said cheerfully.


“Oh, brother?  Isn’t that laying it on a bit thick?”


From a corner by a large potted palm, Bruce Wayne looked down at his young ward,
squeezing his shoulder. “Well, Dick, I think Jack Kennedy knows a politically-savvy
equal when he sees one.  See that twinkle in his eye?  He’s nothing if not aware.”
Bruce’s amusement was mirrored by Dick, who grinned up at him.


Bruce watched his old friend and Supergirl as they graciously posed for photographs with
the First Couple, spent fifteen minutes talking to the Kennedys and other guests, then
bid the crowd goodbye as they flew out a hastily-opened window into the clear winter’s


“They make grand entrances and exits, don’t they?”


Bruce turned with a smile as he greeted Wonder Woman on the arm of her lover, Major
Steve Trevor.  They were as well-matched a couple as the Kennedys: she stunning in a

white strapless satin gown shot through with silver threads in swirling patterns, her
Amazon bracelets concealed under formal elbow-length white gloves while diamonds
sparkled at her throat and in the tiara perched atop her fashionably-coiffed dark hair;
he in his Air Force dress uniform, buttons gleaming and blond hair a bit rakish. 


“Hello, Princess.  You look stunning as usual.”


Diana’s smile was warm as she embraced Bruce and Dick, Steve shaking hands with them.


“You both look handsome in your tuxes.” She and Bruce exchanged amused looks at Dick’s




Diana was drawn away by the French ambassador.  As Ambassador from Paradise Island, she
carried diplomatic credentials in addition to her superhero status.  Dick went in search
of buffet food and Bruce snagged two champagne glasses from a white-gloved waiter,
offering one to Steve.


“Nice little bash,” Steve said as he sampled the champagne.


“Just a little something Jackie threw together.”


Steve grinned.  Being Wonder Woman’s paramour allowed him to often mingle with the rich
and famous, and a name drop like that amused rather than irritated him.


“Well, she does a fine job.”


“She does.” As a major contributor to the Kennedy campaign in 1960, Bruce was often
invited to special White House events.  He was also called in as a consultant on
business matters, and enjoyed time spent with the young President.  The man knew how to
inspire people. “Alfred would approve of her historic redecoration here.”


“Ah, your butler.”


“Yes.” Diana must have mentioned Alfred.


Steve watched Diana as she charmed the French Ambassador, speaking his language as Jackie
Kennedy had done with General DeGaulle in a state visit to Paris in 1961.


Bruce admired the fresh-faced beauty of Supergirl, who was utterly charming in her
costume that reminded him of a figure skater, yet women like Diana and Jackie were at
the height of womanly sophistication.  Little wonder that Steve was enchanted.


“Hi, Major Trevor!”


“Hi, Dick.  Hey, the food looks pretty good.”


“Yeah, you and Wonder Woman should check it out.”


As Dick and Steve talked, Bruce reflected on his opinion of the young Major.  He and Dick
had worked with him as Batman and Robin on occasion.  Steve didn’t know their true
identities, though Bruce suspected he knew that the Princess Diana was his military
assistant Diana Prince.  At any rate, Steve was intelligent and courageous, brash and a
little too willing to put himself in harm’s way, but Bruce chalked that up to the male
impulse to protect the woman he loved, Amazon or not.


Bruce sipped at his champagne.  Of course Diana could take care of herself, but Steve
had saved her more than once.  Queen Hippolyta might not approve of him as a potential
mate, but he had proven worthy on more than one occasion.


At first glance, Bruce had wondered why a man would be attracted to a lover stronger
than he was, then had ruefully admitted, how could he talk? 


Diana’s voice broke into his reverie as she replied to something that Steve had just
said. “Thank you, darling, and may I say that all three of you gentlemen are charming
companions tonight?” Dick beamed at his inclusion.


“I agree, Princess.”


Bruce immediately looked up at the owner of the new voice.  His eyes sparkled as he saw
Clark standing in front of him, looking magnificent in his formalwear.  Kansas country
boy or not, he was a delicious sight.


Linda was by his side, her brunette wig attractively styled and her pale green gown an
excellent choice.  She wore a simple necklace of a pearl attached to a silver chain.


“So, working on New Year’s Eve, Clark?” Bruce asked.


“The society columnist was sick, so Perry sent me, and I invited Linda along.”


There was comfortable chitchat, then the group gradually broke up into smaller circles.
Dick and Linda conversed happily, both glad for someone close to their own age, and Diana
was dragooned again by another diplomat.


Steve said, “I think everyone’s a little giddy tonight, considering the fact that the
world almost blew up a few months ago.”


“I’d agree with that.” Clark adjusted his cufflink. “Certainly, some tense moments during
the Cuban Missile Crisis.”


Steve nodded. “I can tell you, it was pretty dicey flying those recon missions over Cuba. 
I didn’t mind when Superman took over those duties.”


“Ah, yes, he’s handy to have around.” Clark pushed his glasses up his nose.


“Well, we can say we live in exciting times.” Steve finished his champagne.


Clark and Bruce exchanged smiles.


“Here, let me get you a refill, Steve, And a fresh one for you, Clark.”


Bruce’s fingers brushed Clark’s hand as he signaled a waiter.  The tingle skittered up
his arm.


“Clark!  One of my favorite journalists.”


The three men turned and greeted the President, who warmly shook Clark’s hand.  A
former reporter himself, he enjoyed a good rapport with newsmen. 


“It’s a pleasure to be here, Mr. President.”


“Having a good time, Bruce?” JFK clapped the millionaire on the arm.


Bruce carefully refrained from calling him ‘Jack’.  It wouldn’t be proper protocol at
the moment.


“Always glad to ring in the New Year in style, Mr. President.”


“Major Trevor, I’m glad you could escort the Princess here tonight.”


“So am I, Mr. President.”


The men grinned, then JFK asked, “How’s your cousin doing?  Is he still planning on
joining the Peace Corps?”


“Yes, sir.  He’s quite excited.”


JFK brushed his light-brown hair off his forehead.  His frequently-unruly hair was a
cartoonist’s dream. “We need young men like him willing to selflessly give of themselves. 
It’s good that the best of America will be represented in other countries, helping people
who are in need.”


Bruce was impressed by the charm the man exuded.  A consummate politician, he gave people
the impression that they were the only one in the room when he focused on them.


“I’ve read of your exploits, Major, in addition to your service during the Cuban Crisis. 
I’d like to discuss some work I’d like you to undertake for me.  Bob McNamara will speak
to your C.O. and I’ll ask Dave Powers to put you on the agenda.  Come see me at 10:00 on
January 2nd.”


Interest and pride sparked in Steve’s eyes. “I’ll be here, Mr. President.  Thank you.”


JFK smiled and clapped his hand on Steve’s shoulder.


“Mr. President, you must release the Major to me now.”


JFK smiled at Diana, who had rejoined the group. “Your wish is my command, Princess.”


Diana smiled back at the gracious sally.  She enjoyed charming, good-looking men and was
fortunate to be frequently surrounded by them here in Man’s World.


Linda and Dick joined the group and JFK talked with the duo, always enjoying the
company of young people.  Then he spoke to the adults, “I hope you enjoy the
entertainment. Eartha Kitt is our featured performer.”


“A beautiful singing voice,” Bruce commented, now eager for the show to start.


As the President began to move away, he turned back and said to Bruce, “Oh, Ollie
Queen’s around here somewhere.”


“That freeloader?” Bruce sniffed.


JFK laughed. “Happy New Year, my friends.”


They chorused their own well wishes, and Diana and Linda moved off a few feet and talked


“Watch out when the womenfolk put their heads together, men,” Bruce drawled.


“Good thing Lois isn’t here tonight,” Clark said.


“Where is she?”


“Chasing a story.”


Bruce raised his glass. “What she does best.” Better than have her chasing you.


The entertainment started, the lights dimming to near-darkness.  Eartha Kitt appeared in
a spotlight, garbed in a slinky dark-blue gown and moving with cat-like grace as she sang
a moving ballad.  A sapphire set in a gold choker sparkled at her throat.


Bruce slipped his hand into Clark’s.  Unless someone had cat vision to see in the dark,
they were safe.  He could feel Clark’s smile in the dark. 


Torch songs followed the ballad, then some smoky R&B until the lights came up.  Bruce
and Clark reluctantly pulled their hands away.


“Time to rock in the New year, ladies and gents!  Let’s start with Chubby’s Twist!”


The younger partygoers immediately hit the dance floor.  Dick and Linda paired off, and
Diana asked Steve with a twinkle, “Ready to trip the light fantastic?”


He laughed. “Why not?”


Clark said, “Bruce, I…”


He was whisked away by a female reporter he knew, tossing Bruce a rueful grin, but he
got into the spirit of the dance.


“Let’s twist like we did last summer…”


Clark wasn’t as graceful in his gyrations as, say, Dick, but few were.  The reporter
moved with enthusiasm and an acute awareness of his body.


Bruce shared that acute awareness, just not thinking in terms of the Twist.


Though I suppose if I could get him to kneel above me and start ‘dancing’…


His groin itched.  Pity they couldn’t sneak up to the Lincoln Bedroom.  He smirked.


For a fleeting moment, anger and depression swept over him.  He and Clark should be able
to openly hold hands or dance if they wanted!


He sighed.  Why dream the impossible?  Open homosexuality was about as likely as a Negro
becoming head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or the Berlin Wall coming down.  Sure, either
one could happen, but probably not in his lifetime.


He shook off the mood.  He had Clark and he should just thank his lucky stars for that.


“Hey, Bruce!”


“Hi, Ollie.”


Oliver Queen was dressed as sharply as Bruce, his eyes scanning the dance floor. “Did
you bring a date?”


No, I met him here. “No, I thought Dick might like a night at the White House.”


“Me, too.  I figure Roy would appreciate the chance to come.”


The men moved to the buffet table.  Bruce’s mouth salivated at the salmon.


“I figure I can scare up a date next year,” Ollie said as he chose roast beef at the
carving station.


“So you plan to be invited in ’63, huh?”


“Sure.” Ollie’s teeth gleamed. “I’m still a registered Democrat with business ties, just
what our Prez needs.” He chose braised baby red potatoes next for his plate. “I’m
diversifying.  Queen Industries is getting into the oil game, my friend.”


Bruce watched as Clark and Diana danced the next dance. “You sure you want to get
involved with oil interests?”


“I’ve got a good in through our Veep Lyndon who knows all the Texas oil guys.” Ollie
sampled the roast beef. “Look, Bruce, I don’t think Republicans should have complete
control of the country’s resources.  The freakin’ John Birch Society has its biggest
chapter in Dallas, for cryin’ out loud!”


“Well, Ollie,” Bruce said as he enjoyed the salmon while noting Clark dancing with Linda
now, “I like the sound of another party here next New Year’s Eve.  The campaign will be
heating up for ’64 by then.”


“You bet.” Ollie ate a potato. “Plenty of more functions to be invited to as the
campaign heats up.  But it’ll be pretty cool to kick off ’64 here at this time next
year.” He saw a business acquaintance and winked as he walked away from Bruce. “See you
in Hyannisport.”


Bruce grinned. Ollie always liked to work the angles whether as a liberal-leaning
businessman with ties to the New Frontier or as Green Arrow.


Midnight was close.  The music stopped and Eartha cried, “Put on those party hats and
get out those noisemakers!”


Everyone’s attention was riveted on the stage at the far end of the East Room.  With the
stealth of the Bat, Bruce reached Clark’s side just as the countdown began.




Clark was talking to Diana, who turned as Steve touched her arm.




“Kissin’ time, Angel!”




Bruce grabbed Clark while Diana laughed and hugged her boyfriend.




Behind the potted palm, Bruce pressed his lips to Clark’s…




“Happy New Year!”


“Mmph, Bruce, what if someone sees us?” Clark broke them apart.


Bruce’s eyes sparkled. “Everyone’s either watching Jack and Jackie or busy kissing
someone.  And we have plenty of people to run interference for us.”


Clark’s hands gripped Bruce’s broad shoulders, his face slightly flushed, his hair just
beginning its Superman curl.
 Bruce brushed it back.  The man only had glasses for a
disguise, so the hair couldn’t show that distinctive Super-style as Clark Kent.


“Let’s just go with it, Clark.  There’s so much to look forward to!  The New Frontier can
be pretty exciting.”


Clark laughed. “Where’s my Bruce?  What’s with all this optimism?  That’s supposed to be
my gig!”


Bruce grinned. “I guess a New Year brings it out in me, and all this inspiration coming
out of this house has gotten to me.” It was still early in the new decade and maybe, just
maybe, all things were possible after all.


“Well, I have no objections to this outlook.” Clark hugged his friend and partner. “Happy
1963, Bruce!”


“Happy 1963, Clark!”


End of Chapter Two






















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