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More Birthday Goodies & Ficcish Notes

Hi, luvs! Thanks to everyone who sent me more birthday gifts and wishes today! You rock! :) I updated the list of goodies here.

Yesterday I did do a little writing, mainly my zine story, but mostly goofed off all day reading birthday fic and keeping up with all the fantastic posts of well wishes and other goodies! ;)

So now I expect to buckle down again, keep up the zine writing, and concentrate on Halloween stories. I'm working on a multi-chaptered Public Enemies tale, and am thrilled that my smallvillebbang story, which is Halloween-oriented, will be posted before the holiday.

Eventually I'll decide if I'm doing anything for my 5th LJ Anniversary later this month and you'll see that announcement here. :)
Tags: a dark knight in smallville, big bang, birthday, challenge, clark kent/bruce wayne, fanfic, fanzine, flist, friends, halloween, holiday, love, pagan, public enemies, smallville, superman/batman, thank you, writing
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