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Birthday Goodies!!! :)

So, one of the best things about my birthday was all the wonderful, thoughtful gifts I received! THANK YOU all!!! All your generosity really made my day! :)

It was a nice, quiet day filled with presents and thoughtfulness and you are all THE BEST!!! *bounces*

BTW, LJ is being wonky again, so if you haven't gotten a personal reply from me on your entry about my birthday, I'll keep trying! :)

I received:

Cheerful Greetings from: phoenixnz, niftywithan, tmelange (Sparkly!), lee_ashburn (Sparkly!), ava_jamison, ctbn60, moniklaa, siriusfanatic, rileyc, svgurl (Adorable pic of Tom Brady can be viewed here!), darkeyedresolve, saavikam77, khylara, malkavianlove, northern_star, whipsy, northernwalker, eternal_moonie, and realpestilence

Lovely V-Gifts from: svgurl, angelinachaser7, carolandtom, kittymayhem, penelopes_web, and patrese1 (A chocolate cupcake, a Teddy bear with flowers, balloons, chocolate torte, a sunflower and MORE chocolate torte)! Yum and pretties! ;)

A Fantastic E-Card from ava_jamison

A Magnificent 2 months of an LJ Paid Account Extension from jeannev

A scrumptious video of Christian and Tom (Brady) by ilovetobefree can be viewed here.

Fantabulous Fic from:

Leaves And Laughter by mithen, an adorable World’s Finest story as Clark checks up on Bruce with his new ward. ;)

Red Velvet by khylara, a deliciously sexy Mel/Johnny tale that is pure sweetness! ;)

Fairy Tale by starsandsea, a lovely Steve/Diana tale that just makes me sigh happily. :)

Lands From Long Ago, a delightful AU starring Steve/Diana, Selina/Dinah, and Clark/Bruce by whipsy, and the sequel, Lands From Long Ago (Part II)

Wonderful Fanart from:

Group Hug, an absolutely adorable chibi fanart of Superman, Batman, and Robin by hitokaji! :)
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