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Bucs 13, Patriots 10 (0-1) (Preseason)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 13, New England Patriots 10 (0-1) (Preseason)

Luckily the score really means nothing in preseason! :) Preseason is the time to evaluate how far along your starters are and what the rookies and free agents are doing. So last night was a fairly good outing. The first team under Tom Brady needs work, as their timing was off, but Tom himself was pretty sharp and the offensive line protected him for most of the two series he was on the field.

The defense did pretty well with pass defense. The run defense definitely needs work.

All in all, a fair outing for the first preseason game, and the most important thing: NO INJURIES!

Interesting weather note: it was close to 100 degrees on the field, and the players and coaches looked wrung out, and so did the fans in the stands! Lots of Pats fans there, most of them with Brady jerseys on! :)

Next week: the Tennessee Titans come to Gillette!
Tags: new england patriots, tom brady
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