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SuperBat Big Bang Update!!! (9/12/11)

So, yesterday I finished the first draft of the superbat_bb, and after I logged off to watch football, I finished the history_bigbang first draft! So now it's a matter of typing up the chapters and making my revisions before sending them off to my betas! Woot!

Anyway, since the usual nanowrimo counter page won't allow me to access it for whatever reason (Computers! *rolls eyes*) here's a new, fancy-dancy style! :)

Days 36-39: (For The Days: 3 Chapters Completed) (Total: 20 Chapters Completed)

Written: (9/2/11-9/7/11) Update Posted: (9/12/11)

19512 / 10000

19512 / 20000
Tags: big bang, challenge, clark kent/bruce wayne, dc comics, fanfic, history, melvin purvis/johnny dillinger, public enemies, superbat, superman/batman, writing
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