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The New World of DC Is Coming!

I read this on cmer  's journal, Fight Back Against DC's Final Crisis, and my response as posted there was as follows:

I gotta tell ya, stay cynical! DC is not going to listen to any fans' concerns about this. They did this to lifelong fans with the first major reboot back in '85, killing off dozens of characters and then saying they never existed! Frankly, they lost me then and I've never gone back as far as buying comics goes. I'm part of DC fandom now that there's such a large DCU presence on-line; I enjoy reading others' stories that often hew to current canon, and I write my own in my own 'pocket universe' which tends to use pre-Modern Era canon. 

They really don't care about the lifelong fans. They are only interested in attracting newer, younger fans.

One thing I'd find of interest here as a Dick Grayson fan is reverting him to Robin and seeing what they can do with him, unlike the mess they've made of the Batman and Robin relationship for the past twenty years. To be honest, while comics fans are aware of the later Robins, people in the general society think of Robin as Dick Grayson, so the reversion wouldn't do much to shake up popular culture. 

I'd also be curious to see if Superman and Batman once again are little better than enemies, or will they be friends in this new reboot? 

And will Wonder Woman be given back her original origin story, or will it be once again yet another interpretation? Maybe All-Star Wonder Woman will presage that. Who knows?

I'll be sorry to see Roy go as Red Arrow if that's the case, but maybe he'll be back as Speedy if they de-age Dick.

The reboot is coming. DC made that decision in the '80s after creating Silver Age versions of characters back in the '50s to explain and/or update Golden Age characters.

Will DC lose fans? Sure. They lost plenty back in the '80s, but it didn't seem to affect them very much. They don't care that they lost my monthly buying of a dozen or more comics.

All I can suggest is keep loving and writing the characters whom may disappear, and if the new DCU doesn't suit you, save your money and don't buy their comics. Enjoy what you've got on-line, which probably writes better stories than canon, anyway. :)

Our on-line fandom will lose people, but who knows if fandom will be viable with all the fuss over the Copyright Bill and LJ and whatever-else-is-out-there? 

Sigh. Probably by the time I finish the end of Rainbow's Freedom, there'll be no one left to read it! :)

I guess it's a case of if you live by canon, you die by canon. Fandom itself is an AU of sorts, so people will have to make up their own minds if they want to stay within the fandom. I hope people will, because you can still write and draw (I suppose, to a certain extent considering LJ's new haphazard policies) the characters you love, and the hell with DC! :)

After all, when this reboot was done in the mid-'80s, the only option was to quit buying the comics.  DC fandom was not what we know today.  It was mainly discussing the comics.  There were no fan stories or artwork as the pre-Internet fandom was concerned mainly with TV shows and movies, not comics.  Today there is an option for fans to continue their own vision of the DCU if they so choose.  It's all up to you as to your response.


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