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Juggling Ficcish Plates!!!

Well, the weather is gorgeous today! Always after a storm. :)

I've been contemplating my ficcish plate, and have decided that I might go on hiatus with Rainbow's Freedom for awhile. Note that does NOT mean Arc 8 will stop being posted, just that the first draft of Arc 9 is going to be set aside for a month or so. I'm in the homestretch there, and have at least six more chapters to write, but I'm beginning to stall a little, which generally means time for a break. My last hiatus was from revising/posting, not writing the first draft.

Also, my Big Bang commitments need more attention. I work on the both of them every day, but can go faster if I set aside the Epic. :) I truly don't think I'll be signing up for so many in the future, but I might keep one per year if I have a decent plot that will fit the minimum word count. I have other projects I'm committed to, also, so it's time to complete some of them. My goal was to see if I could successfully finish a Big Bang, and I've done that with the first of the three, and hopefully the remaining two.

The superbat_bb is half-finished, and I've plotted out at least eight more chapters. There will probably be more, but I have to see how the flow goes.

The history_bigbang is a shorter one. I haven't plotted it all out yet, but I'm guessing right now that at least four more chapters will be written, and most likely more. This was always going to be the shorter of the two, anyway, and it isn't due until January 1st, so I'll be certain of finishing.

In between I should be able to write short pieces to keep my Muses happy. :) I also need to start some Halloween fic, too, though the DC Comics entry is all taken care of with my Clexian smallvillebbang. :)

Once superbat_bb is done, I can ease up on the throttle a little. :)

Who needs nanowrimo when I've already hit 50,000 words (or soon will)? ;)
Tags: big bang, challenge, clark kent/bruce wayne, dc comics, fanfic, history, melvin purvis/johnny dillinger, public enemies, superbat, superman/batman, writing
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