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(Preseason) Week 3: Detroit Lions 34, New England Patriots 10 (2-1) (Saturday, August 27, 2011)

(Preseason) Week 3: Detroit Lions 34, New England Patriots 10 (2-1) (Saturday, August 27, 2011)

Hmm, seems as if the Pats were too distracted by their flight home to Boston to play well in Detroit last night. They were drubbed by the Lions, neither offense or defense able to do anything right with only a few exceptions (nice pass from Tom to Wes Welker for a TD). Tom was not sharp otherwise, and everyone was dropping balls and missing tackles and letting Detroit’s QB Matthew Stafford carve them up or their running backs run them over, and the defense harried, hurried, and sacked Tom so that he was on his back most of the night. He played the first half and part of the third quarter, but nothing clicked except for the one TD.

Injury Report: Wes Welker left with a neck problem after a tackle. Damnit!

So, even though the third game of the preseason is supposed to be the most polished, it’s only preseason. They have a lot to work on, but I’m sure they’ll pull out of this funk. Either that, or Bill Belichick will boot them out! ;)

He had treated them to a showing of The Fighter a few nights ago and Micky Ward, the boxer whose life story the movie was about, showed up to give a talk. Oh, well, great inspiration, Bill, but Irene topped you and Micky both! ;)
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