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Ficcish Craziness!

Well, tomorrow I'll either be on the computer quite a bit or not at all, depending on the electricity situation. Instead of listening to the wind howl upstairs, I'd rather be down here keeping my mind off things, but if Mother Nature says otherwise, I've got my flashlight, candles, matches, notebooks, pens, and pencils. :)

So, what’s on my plate currently, not counting old stuff waiting in the Queue of Doom?

dcu_freeforall prompts: now that I finally posted an update, six more to go!

smallvillebbang: The first draft is finished and being beta-read (26,000+ words).

superbat_bb: First draft being written (Probably will end up between 15,000 and 20,000 words).

history_bigbang: First draft being written (Will make the minimum of 10,000 words to be sure).

Rainbow’s Freedom (Rainbow Prisms Arc): I’ve finally begun posting Arc 8, though I’m not sure if it’ll go fast or slow for now (How many words? Goddess only knows! Easily 50,000 for this arc alone, I’d estimate, and probably more).

Three DC ficlets as voted on in two polls! ;) One is Clark/Dick, one Bruce/Dick, and one Steve/Diana.

Letting ideas simmer for a sequel to the Public Enemies tale, Gay Chicago I: The Purple Peacock.

I just committed to a zine project so moving it onto the plate!
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