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Just sittin' around and rambling before I start typing up another Big Bang chapter. I'll be off-line tonight because I'll be watching the Pats' preseason game and eating dinner. Anyway, I noticed a story on my flist that was pretty vague in its header. It's a long story but what makes me hesitate to get into it is that it doesn't tell me the characters or the pairings (if any), and I don't want to invest time in a story that doesn't give me these essentials. I know that one character will be in it because of the summary, but I need a line-up, y'know?

Warnings are a whole different kettle of fish and I don't want to get into that endless debate, but what about headers? What do you put into your header? What do you want to see in others' headers?

I like to put the usual: title, pairings/characters, rating, warnings, spoilers, summary, disclaimer and author's notes. I also like word count. Why? Because sometimes I want a long, juicy read and other times I don't have time. I need to know if I'm going to be reading a bite-sized drabble or a Big Bang-length novel.

I do like the method you can use for hiding warnings and other info. For example, if I have a twist pairing, I can hide it and the reader can click on it to find out! Otherwise I list everybody! ;)
Tags: fanfic, writing
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