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Review: Captain America: The First Avenger!

I LOVED Captain America: The First Avenger! ;)

First off, GREAT casting of Chris Evans as Cap. I think he had the right innocence and steadfastness that Cap needs, that sense of idealism in a world that often scorns idealism. He believes in his country and dislikes bullies, as he says, which he’s had a lot of experience with, and is selfless and courageous. He never gives up! And yet he doesn’t come across as a paragon of virtue or someone who would not speak up if he felt his country was doing the wrong thing. So kudos for that!

I also liked the casting for the other important roles in the film, and liked the way they established a close friendship between Steve and Bucky before he’s Cap. The death scene when Bucky slips off the train is a powerful one. It’s not from canon, as he died trying to bring down an experimental plane/rocket, but obviously the moviemakers wanted to focus on Cap in that role at the end. Hopefully Cap grieving over Bucky will be addressed in the Avengers movie, because it was a powerful element to his character when he was first revived in 1963 in comics canon. I can always remember reading Cap when I was a child and impressed by that sense of loss.

I like the connection with Tony through his father, and Peggy Carter must be Sharon’s grandmother? Because mother would make Sharon up there in age, I suspect.

Great make-up on the Red Skull! Menacing without grossing you out.

Oh, and the shield in the ice? Great, spine-tingly stuff! I wish we could have seen the Avengers thaw Cap out, but the filmakers obviously wanted to go a slightly different route and then tie them together (ooh!) in the next movie. ;)

The look of the film was fantastic, evoking the era very well, especially the street scenes and the World’s Fair. Frankly, they did a much better job of immersing themselves in the era than X-Men: First Class did (a rant for another day). I love the 1940s and have studied the period quite a bit, so the general backdrop worked for me: the music, the fashions, hairstyles, cars, wartime posters and reminded me of Public Enemies with its attention to detail.

The Steve/Peggy romance was well done. It was very Steve-like. ;)

For slash fans, I definitely could see Steve/Bucky or Steve/Howard. Which, of course, makes for interesting stories in the future with Tony. ;)

I like the way they stuck to canon in Steve’s origin. I’ve read the original 1941 story and it was all there: the equipment, Dr. Erskine being killed by the enemy agent, the audience…very dramatic, too! I hear that CGI made Chris Evans look small and skinny and that Captain America was all him! ;)

I’m not sure why they went the route of making Steve a guy who shilled for war bonds instead of making him a soldier in Camp LeHigh, but whatever. I know why Bucky was aged up for obvious reasons as it would be kind of hard to justify a teenager in these situations, though of course many teens were involved in the Resistance in Europe. The pageantry was right on.

Loved seeing the Howlin’ Commandos! :)

Colonel Phillips was a great character. Kudos to Tommy Lee Jones, and the same to Stanley Tucci as Dr. Erskine. All the performances were good but these stood out.

Steve’s culture shock was well done. It was tough enough being revived 18 years later in comics canon (he was frozen in 1945 and revived in 1963), but almost seventy years later? It must seem like another planet sometimes.

And the coming attractions to the Avengers movie looked great! Too bad we have to wait until next May, though smart of them not to go head-to-head with The Dark Knight Rises. That should be out in July, I think?

I don’t have the urge to write fic for this movie, though that could change, but I definitely liked it well enough to read some fic now that I don’t have to avoid spoilers. I need icons!

I would recommend seeing this film if you like period pieces with action, heart, and angst.

And especially if you’re a Cap fan, or just of superheroes in general.

Buy War Bonds and Keep ‘Em Flyin’!

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