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Snippet From "Crystal Rain Book II"

I wrote up a snippet that's been swirling around in my head as for awhile that will probably appear in some form in Crystal Rain's sequel. Warning: the snippet deals with electroshock therapy.

Mild spoilers for Crystal Rain Book I: "Whatever Happened To Melvin Purvis?".

The conducting jelly was rubbed on his temples by a stone-faced nurse, the rubber block shoved into his mouth so that he would not bite off his tongue, muffling his screams. Leather straps restrained his arms and legs and head, and his body tensed in anticipation of what was to come. Dr. Clausen stood next to the ECT technician behind the glass, a faint smile on his broad face.

Mel desperately tried to wrench free, but he knew it was useless. Tears of frustration ran down his face. He was NOT crazy, and being sentenced to Shutter Island had nearly broken his spirit if not for Johnny.

He HAD to continue fighting. He would NOT let Clausen and Hoover win!

He tried to calm his rapidly-beating heart as the machine’s hum grew louder. The lights always hurt his eyes and he wished that they would shut them off, but the patient’s comfort was not Dr. Clausen’s area of interest.

He prayed that he would remember Johnny when he woke up.

He heard the flip of the switch and the electricity coursed through him, his body jackknifing into a rictus of rigidity, the straps preventing him from falling off the table. He could feel the energy burn through his brain, smell the faint odor of burnt ozone, a metallic taste in his mouth as lights danced crazily behind his closed eyelids, shadows and shapes swirling as his body relaxed, then went rigid as he was zapped again.

Johnny’s face floated in front of him, smiling and saucy, dressed in his dashing clothes from long ago, dissolving into darkness as waves crashed on the shore of the island, and blood and screams mixed as he smelled blood and called out his Johnny’s name, the bright lights of Hollywood hurting his eyes as lightning streaked across the sky, rain falling to drench him as he heard warm tones say, “Sunshine.” He was Clark Gable of the Bureau, Clark Gable of Manhattan Melodrama, Clark Gable of Shutter Island…

He wanted to cry out to his lover but he felt his head spin, his mouth gagged, and he screamed silently instead.

The world was white-hot, and he was melting in the sun, Johnny’s Sunshine, and patches of his mind fell away, swirling down, down, down into the abyss, gone forever, while other fragments hung on, swinging in the wind, and he heard Jayee cluck his tongue and say, “My dear Melvin, I told you that taking up with that gangster would bring you grief.”

He was too tired to scream anymore, and as he fell toward the abyss, he prayed that Johnny would catch him before he disappeared.

Tags: crystal rain, fanfic, j. edgar hoover, melvin purvis/johnny dillinger, public enemies, writing
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