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Non-Fiction Archive

This page will be for all my non-fiction works. They are posted to my LJ, superhero_muses, and guns_fedoras.

Dick Grayson’s Robin Integrating Superman’s Light And Batman’s Darkness To Create A Symbol Of The DC Universe (Pre-Modern Era) (2/19/07)

Using Historical References (Part 1) (5/8/07)

Using Historical References (Part 2) (5/8/07)

Using Historical References (Part 3) (5/8/07)

Using Historical References (Part 4) (5/8/07)

Writing AUs (7/17/07)

A Bat And His Little Bird: Together Forever (10/30/07)

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! (2/18/08)

The Clex: The Agony And The Ecstasy (3/10/08)

The Princess And The Pilot: How DC Could Make Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor Classic Again (Past & Future) (5/19/08)

Writing The World’s Finest: Calliope, Corn, And To The Manor Born: Origins Of The World’s Finest (6/17/08)

Legacies (John Dillinger, Melvin Purvis) (7/21/09)

The Father/Son Dynamic in Batman Begins (8/18/08)

Batman And Robin’s Gay Sensibility (11/17/08)

Freedom And Slavery: The World Of Rainbow’s Freedom (Story Writing Process Essay) (5/18/09)

The Better Angels Of Our Nature (Story Writing Process Essay) (8/17/09)

Southern Honey (Melvin Purvis) (1/14/10)

Cross-posted to guns_fedoras (1/14/10)

The End Of All Things: Apocalyptic Fic (3/15/10)

The World’s Finest (Introduction To Superman/Batman) (5/10/11)

Scenes From The Biograph: Hollywood Couldn't Make This Stuff Up! (7/22/10)

Cross-posted to guns_fedoras (7/22/10)

How I Write: Location, Location, Location!!! (8/7/11)

How I Write II: Discipline!!! (8/9/11)

Nolanverse Bruce/Jim: Devotion (10/3/12)

Superman Returns: A Gay Sensibility (10/23/12)

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