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History Big Bang Needs Artists!

Hi, luvs! I just started working on my history_bigbang story yesterday and I noticed that, as in many Big Bangs, we have a lot of authors but few artists signed up. Please take a look at the comm and see if you might be interested in signing up. The schedule is very workable and there is a nice variety of fandoms. Artist sign-ups end on August 15, 2011 and you choose your work on January 4, 2012. Art is due on March 1, 2012. Thanks!

Historical Big Bang
This historical big bang covers a variety of fandoms and a variety of histories, be it fantasy or reality. If a show is set with a "historical" theme or set in history, this big bang is for you. If you want to write a crossover or a historical flashback, this big bang is for you. The sky is the limit.

Basic Information & Deadlines
Writer's Sign Up
Artist's Sign Up
Beta's Sign Up
Cheerleader's Sign Up
Frequently Asked Questions
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