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BradyGirl Fic Update

Well, here's a short update for those interested in fantabulous BradyGirl fic! ;)

The DCU Fic Request Meme has been quite inspiring for me. I am currently posting the Steve/Diana fic, They Killed Another Kennedy! requested by jen_in_japan, and just started the Dinah & Ollie request by blackrosebard. The other four requests are all Clark/Bruce (and a threesome fic for one) and I have a few ideas simmering about those. :) So, as I warned my requesters, it make take awhile to fulfill the requests, but I hope they'll be worth the wait. :)

Rainbow's Freedom (Shadow Of The Bat Arc) has begun, with 35 chapters completed and 189 handwritten pages to be typed. :) The first two chapters are already up and will be posted in one entry/multiple links at batfic and worlds_finest soon.

And, to fit with a Christmas-in-July theme, I'll be posting a Halloween Challenge in the next few days (might even be tonight!). Why so early? Hey, good fic sometimes deserves simmering on that idea stove, and I'm hopeful of a lot of fic because Halloween is my favorite holiday evah! ;) Also, I added artists to the Challenge because I would love to see some illustrations on the theme. I am always crazy-envious of artists because I can't even draw a stick figure! Well, I can, but not with their flair! ;)

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the fic! :)
Tags: fanfic, writing
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