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The Fire Grows Hot Again!

Hi, gang!

Funny how the fannish winds blow. For months now, my white-hot passion for Public Enemies had cooled, and I hadn't watched the movie in months, either. I figured for a movie fandom, it had a good run. I still loved the characters and had some ideas in my notebooks, but I hadn't posted any stories in awhile, either.

Then I watched the movie on July 22nd, the 77th anniversary of John Dillinger's death, and maybe it was the date and the fact that it was as hot as that historic Chicago night here, but I felt my passion re-ignited for these characters. I'm listening to the CD for the movie right now and am typing away! :)

No worries about less DC from me, though. I'm busy working on the superbat_bb and other stories from the Queue of Doom (heh heh), and it was literally my first fandom since I began reading comics as soon as I learned how to read. :)

I never worry too much about my passions for particular fandoms. They can lay dormant for years and come back to me. Besides, like writing, I can't control my Muses or my fannish passions.

Expect a flurry of PE stories from me now! I just finished writing one tonight in the grand tradition of those Clark/Bruce classics, Spicy Peppers And Lush Tomatoes and Where's The Beef?". You know me and food! ;) And my history_bigbang is a good, long, juicy PE story.

I heard from my partner-in-crime, siriusfanatic, just this very night that she might have had a re-ignition of her Muses for this fandom, too! Awesome sauce! I've been reading her stories and admittedly, some of my mine, heh heh. I must say that The House At 1313 Maple Street is one of those that I'm rather proud of. :)

Sexy men in fedoras! What's not to love? ;)
Tags: big bang, dc comics, fandom, fanfic, food, history, muses, public enemies, superbat, writing
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