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Fic: Jewels In The Crown III: Fragments (1/5)

Title: Jewels In The Crown III: Fragments (1/5)
Author: BradyGirl_12
Pairings/Characters (this chapter): Jamie O’Reilly, Alia Cassadine, Steve/Diana
Genres: Angst, Challenge, Drama, Mystery, Romance
Rating (this chapter): G
Claim: For the dcu_freeforall Challenge (Diana/Steve)
Prompt: T 10; P 26: Library Of Alexandria
Prompt Count: (14/15)
Warnings: None
Spoilers: None
General Summary: An important archeological discovery leads Diana and Steve to the Library of Alexandria site in Egypt.
Chapter Summary: The curators of the Boston Museum Of Fine Arts make an amazing discovery.
Date Of Completion: July 4, 2010
Date Of Posting: August 2, 2011
Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘em, DC does, more’s the pity.
Word Count: 1117
Feedback welcome and appreciated.
Author’s Notes: Also written for my 2011 Wonder Woman Love Fic/Art 70th Anniversary Celebration Challenge and my 2011 DCU Fic/Art Steve/Diana Challenge.
This series deals with Diana’s Amazon heritage and can be found here.



The mists
Of mystery,
Swirl about,
Like Aphrodite,
In all her glory.

"The Mists Of Mystery"
336 B.C.E.
(Discovered September 27, 2011 C.E.)

Curator Jamie O’Reilly and Assistant Curator Alia Cassadine eagerly uncrated their latest exhibit, scheduled to be unveiled next week. The Boston Museum Of Fine Arts had scored another coup, the first museum in America to show the Alexandria Collection. The Egyptian Government was sending the mix of Greek and Egyptian artifacts on tour, showcasing the cosmopolitan culture of the ancient city.

“These antiquities are exquisite,” said Alia, her violet eyes lighting up as she carefully lifted out a Greek bust. “The Queen will be one of the finest pieces in the entire exhibit.”

“Is that Hippolyta?” Jamie’s sky-blue eyes held excitement as he looked over at Alia.

“That’s right.”

“Wonder Woman will surely want to see it.”

“Isn’t she coming to the exhibit opening?”


“She’ll be a great attraction.”

“She’s a true patron of the arts.”

Jamie took the bust from Alia. A little over six feet tall, he was blond and closely resembled his old friend, Steve Trevor.

Alia’s raven hair was the same color as Wonder Woman’s, and she was nearly as tall, though model-thin instead of the statuesque curves of the Amazon. She wore her hair in a neat bun, pushing her glasses up her nose as she studied a Grecian urn. Setting it aside, she reached further down into the crate with a cellophane-gloved hand.

Jamie was grateful that he was wearing casual clothes. This was dusty work! He ran a hand through his hair. Maybe they should take a break.

“Oh, my god.”

Jamie looked over at his colleague. “What is it?”

Alia was holding a stone tablet. It shook slightly as she said, “This is a complete Sappho poem!”

“What?” Jamie hurried over to her side. “Sapphic poems are only found in fragments and have to be pieced together.”

“Usually, but I’m telling you, this is a complete Sappho poem!”

“That wasn’t on the manifest, not to mention the buzz that previously-undiscovered Sappho poems would create.” Jamie looked at the tablet. “Her signature!”

Alia nodded, the name carved in the stone at the bottom of the tablet. “I’d recognize her work even without the name.” Violet eyes shone.

“Looks like we’ll have an A-1 exhibit in addition to Wonder Woman.” Jamie touched the Greek letters of Sappho’s name. “We’d better authenticate this, though. It could be a hoax.”

Alia nodded reluctantly. “Let’s call Helena Karpetelis at the Boston Athenaeum.”

& & & & & &

Steve hit the ‘send’ key and his report was on its way to General Darnell in Washington. The phone rang and he picked up the handset. “Jamie, hi, what’s up?”

“Can you and Wonder Woman come over to the museum today?”

“Sure. Is five o’clock okay?”

“Perfect. See you then.”

After saying goodbye, Steve hung up, pondering what his old friend had in store for him and Diana. They had enjoyed some wonderful adventures in the past. He held down the switch of his intercom.

“Would you come in here for a moment, Diana?”

“Certainly, Major.”

Lieutenant Diana Prince was a model of efficiency: crisp, competent, and cheerful. A mischievous spark twinkled behind her glasses as she smiled at Steve.

“Jamie just called. He wants Wonder Woman and me over at the museum. Five o’clock good for her?”

“Does he want to go over Wonder Woman’s appearance at the exhibit next week?”

“I detected an undercurrent of excitement in his voice.”

Her smile grew wider. “Barring emergencies, I believe the Amazon Princess can join you.”

Steve laughed. “I’m glad.”

Diana winked as she walked back to her desk.

& & & & & &

Steve and Wonder Woman arrived at the museum precisely at five o’clock, the Amazon’s boot heels clicking on the polished floor. They met Jamie and Alia in Jamie’s office.

“Thank you for coming,” Jamie said. “May I introduce Professor Alia Cassadine, who just joined the staff. Her specialty is Greek antiquities.”

Alia’s excitement at meeting Wonder Woman showed in her eyes as she shook hands with the Amazon. Jamie and Steve exchanged a smile.

“What’s going on?” Steve asked Jamie.

“Come with us.”

In one of the restoration rooms, a cloth covered a bulky object on a table. Jamie walked over and carefully removed the cloth.

“A beautiful piece,” said Diana, bending over to read. “Wait, this is…”

“Yes,” Jamie said proudly.

“What?” Steve asked.

“It’s a Sappho poem!” Diana said excitedly.

“Sappho?” Steve came closer.

Diana nodded. “One of the most revered poets of ancient times. She is revered as the finest poet amongst the Amazons.”

Steve looked over the stone. “Looks like Greek to me.”

Jamie and Diana groaned, Alia frowning. Steve winked at Diana. “Sorry, guys.”

Jamie rolled his eyes. “Diana should drop you like a bad habit, old buddy.”

Steve smirked as he lightly touched Diana’s arm. “Is the poem one of her finest works?”

“It certainly appears to be. It is an undiscovered poem. I am familiar with all of Sappho’s known works.”

“This is a great discovery for you, Jamie,” said Steve, proud of his friend.

“It’s an amazing find, but all I did was back up Alia.”

“And I just opened the box.” Alia gazed lovingly at the tablet.

“This is a whole poem, not just a fragment,” Jamie said.

“This is amazing.” Diana closely studied the tablet. “It appears genuine. I suppose you have authenticated it?”

”Yes,” Jamie said. “Helen Karpetelis was brought in.”

“Would you like further confirmation?” At the curators’ puzzled looks, Diana elaborated. “My mother.”

& & & & & &

The excitement of the evening continued when Steve and Diana arrived home. Steve grinned as Diana’s blue eyes shone.

“It is a magnificent find, Beloved. Sappho is one of history’s finest poets.”

“A great symbol for the Amazons, you said?”

Diana nodded. “Sapphic love is highly prized on Paradise Island.”

Steve smiled. “No surprise there. Is Sapphic love practiced due to inclination or lack of opportunity for non-Sapphic love?”

“Mostly inclination, though I suppose some are due to the latter.” Diana smiled and traced a finger along Steve’s cheek, tickling his ear. He grinned and grasped her hand, kissing the fingers as she drew him to her.

“And my history is pretty mixed,” Steve said as Diana wound her arms around him. “I practiced more Theban Band than anything before I met you.”

“I, too, enjoyed my own gender in matters of the heart before I laid eyes upon you.”

Steve laughed gently. “Ironic, hmm?”

Diana lifted him slightly. “An irony I appreciate, my love.”

“Love is love, eh?”

She nodded, planting him back firmly on the floor.

“Love me now,” Diana breathed.

Steve happily complied.

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