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Friends 'N' Fandom

I've decided to show my e-mail address on my Profile page in case anyone wants to get in touch with me privately.

The LJ kerfuffles since May wouldn't have made me do it, as GJ and IJ and other sites are out there to re-connect. The Copyright Bill disturbs me more, and I'd like to keep in touch with people if fandom ever has to dissolve or go deeply underground in the future.

Sounds apocalyptic, but the corporate types are getting more and more power over us all, so it doesn't hurt to prepare (writes out OCD-like Bruce list, heh heh).

My e-mail has '66' in the title but that's not my birth year, just that I liked the number '6' and had to double it as my e-mail name was already taken. Go figure! :)

Fandom has been important to me for a big chunk of my life. RL has not been kind to me in recent years and fandom has helped me keep my sanity, IMO, and while it's not my entire life, it's a happy part of it. Despite all the fannish foolishness of fighting and snarking and all the baggage, fandom is mostly good people having fun and being creative.

Luv to all!
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