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Smallville Big Bang Update!!! (7/21/11)

The typing of my first draft of my smallvillebbang is done! Woot! :)

So, I did reach the goal of 25,000 and reached 88% of the goal of 30,000. The final total is 26,446, and may go higher or lower depending on any revisions in the future. And I certainly reached the minimum of 10,000 a long time ago, so I feel as if my first Big Bang has been successful in at least meeting the deadlines and word count.

I started writing this story on May 31st and finished it on July 15th, so that was about six weeks of writing almost every day (hit a snag once) in between a bunch of other stories. What can I say? I like variety! :)

Next, on to the superbat_bb and history_bigbang! :)

Days 45-46: (For The Days: Chapters 26-27 Completed) (Total: 27 Chapters Completed)

Written: (7/14/11-7/15/11) Update Posted: (7/21/11)

26446 / 25000 words. 106% done!

26446 / 30000 words. 88% done!
Tags: big bang, challenge, clark kent/bruce wayne, clark kent/lex luthor, clex, dc comics, history, melvin purvis/johnny dillinger, public enemies, smallville, superbat, superman/batman, superman/lex luthor
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